Meerut Agro Chemical Private Limited

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Meerut Agro Chemical Private Limited is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of fungicides, insecticides, weedicides, and pesticides. The company is located in U.P. and is known for importing technical grade pesticides.

Meerut Agro Chemical Private Limited is known for its high grade quality products and is especially popular with the consumer farmers of Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

The company prided itself on its best practices as well as the dedicated and skilled workforce. Mr. Raj Kumar Kansal is the M.D and the Chairman of the company. The quality of the products is affirmed by ISO 9001:2000 certification.

The main products of the Meerut Agro Chemical Private Limited are as follows:
  • Pesticides - includes products like insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, miticides, rodenticides, household growth regulators, and plant growth regulators. The company also produces a huge variety of insecticides like Acetamiprid 20%, Ethion 50%EC, Phorate10%CG, and Carbofuram 3% CG. It also produces herbicides like Butracholar 50% EC, Atrazine 50% WP, and Sulfoaulfuron 75%WG. The plant growth regulators produced by Meerut Agro Chemical Private Limited are as Gibberallic Acid(T), Ethephon39%SL, Propargitte57%, and Fenazoquim10%EC. Propoxure2%Areosol and Lambela cyhalothrin10%WP are the household pesticides products manufactured by Meerut Agro Chemical Private Limited.

  • Bio-fertilizers - Ankur and Uttam fertilizers are bio-organic fertilizers. It is used for organic farming and made from bio-mass by fungal decomposition and then enriched with humus and neem oil. It helps in the rapid plant growth and the improvement in crop quantity and quality. Dhan-M-zyme bio-fertlizer is made from natural sources (living and non living) like humus substances, seaweeds etc. Found in liquid form, this ensures improvement in crop quality, crop resistance, and a balanced crop growth.

  • Spray Adjuants - A liquid spray made of polygol ethers and non-ionic surfactants. It is known to increase the wetting-penetration, coverage, and improvement of the holding level of the spray droplets on the leaves. It is sold under the brand name of Demand and is mainly composed of Spinosad 45%SC.
The company has an advanced production unit where newer technologies are implemented as and when they are made available. It has hi-tech machinery that is used to the optimum level by hardworking and skilled workers. It also has a good laboratory with all the necessary equipment like-GC, HPLC, pH meter etc. The company has 4 zonal offices and branches in all the zones of India.