United Phosphorous Limited (UPL)

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About UPL

United Phosphorous Limited is one of the main players in the Indian fertilizer company and specializes in the manufacture of pesticides and fungicides.

Due to the agrarian economy of India, United Phosphorous Limited and the fertilizer industry as a whole, has huge future prospects. United Phosphorous Limited development technology, improvement in the management, improvement in human resources, cost reduction, and motivational endeavors have led to the phenomenal growth and expansion of the company.

The different chemicals UPL produces are:
  • Phosphate fertilizer materials - widely used for the manufacture of different fertilizers, pesticide, fungicide, and rodenticide
  • Potash fertilizer materials - chemicals used for different fertilizers as a bulk blending ingredient
  • Urea - a non flammable chemical compound and fertilizer used for various uses in agriculture
  • NPK Fertilizer - used as intermediaries in manufacture of pesticide, fungicide, and rodenticide
  • Phosphate TSP Fertilizer
  • It also manufactures different nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium based fertilizers, potassium chloride, triple super phosphate, etc.
United Phosphorous Limited is the leader in the manufacturing of pesticides, fungicides, and rodenticides in India. It has optimized its production capacity to reduce the cost of the production and bring it under control. It has the lion's share in the market of such products. It has also secured a large amount of the rural market.

United Phosphorous Limited, with its emphasis on quality products has become formidable in this age of cut throat competition. United Phosphorous Limited also has a good opportunity in the lucrative international market for fertilizers.

Corporate Office Address

UPL Limited
Uniphos House,
Madhu Park,
11th Road,
Chitrakar Dhurandar Marg,
Khar (West), Mumbai 400 052
Tel : 2646 8000 (Board)
Fax : 2604 1010
Email : [email protected]
Official site: http://www.uplonline.com/

Last Updated on July 6, 2015