Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers (MCF) Limited

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About MCF

Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited or the MCF is a branch of the UB Group, a well- known MNC situated in India. The company has a good reputation and is known globally for its expertise in IT, engineering, life science, fertilizers, brewing, and distilling.
Commissioned on March, 1976 Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited has a turnover of more than ` 1000 crore. The company is located in Panambur (Mangalore) and boasts of a very efficient management team and fabulous infrastructure.

Products of Mangalore Chemicals

  • Mangala DAP

    - It consists of moisture-1.5%, total Nitrogen-18%, Ammonical nitrogen-15.55%, and water-soluble Phosphate. It is found in free-flowing granular form, black in color, and has a uniform size. It is soluble in water and has good storage property. It is used in acidic soil and has a low cost of production.

  • Mangala Urea

    - It constitutes of Moisture - 1%, total Nitrogen - 46%, and Biruet - 1.5%. It is the cheapest nitrogenous fertilizer and being less acidified, it is suitable for pH soils.

  • Mangala 20:20:0

    - It constitutes of 20% Nitrogen and 15% Sulphur. It is found in a granular form and is light grey in color. Being non-hygroscopic in nature, it is non-perishable, even in high rainfall areas. Having a high rate of solubility in water, it has better mobility in the soil.

  • Mangala Ambica

    -Ammonium bi-carbonate - This constitutes of 99.8% Ammonium bi-carbonate, .001% Chloride, .001% Sulphate, .002% Iron, and non-volatile matter heavy metal. This is a white crystalline product, highly hygroscopic in nature. Ammonium bi-carbonate is used in making fertilizers, pigments, cooling bath, dyes, etc. This is packed in a 25Kgs HDPE laminated, airtight bag.

  • Mangala 17:17:17

    - This retains a great physical condition during handling and storage. Since the granules are strong, hard, and have a uniform size, application to all forms of crops on different soil conditions becomes easier.
  • Mangala 16:20:0

    - It constitutes of 16% nitrogen and 15% sulfur. It is found in a granular form and is light grey in color. Being least hygroscopic in nature, it is non-perishable. It also has better soil mobility by virtue of the fact that it has a high rate of solubility in water. It is mainly suited for the pulse and oil-seed crops.

  • Mangala MOP

    - Found in reddish and white crystalline form, it contains 60% potash, and is mostly used as a K fertilizer. It dissolves in water without getting leached. It also has low storage and transport costs per unit nutrient and is used for direct application on soil and manufacturing of compound fertilizers.

  • Mangala Zinc Sulphate

    - An important micro nutrient, this contains 21% zinc. It is available in white crystalline free flowing form and comes with an ISI certification. Application of zinc in soil is necessary as soils generally lack zinc content.

  • Specialty Fertilizers

    - These can be found in liquid and crystalline forms .These are easily soluble in water and are available in mono, double, multi nutrient varieties, with or without micro nutrients and secondary elements. These can be applied to all forms of crops. The special fertilizers ensure greater crop yield, increase soil productivity, improve the quality of the crops, and above all, lessen the production cost.
  • Humic Acid

    - Generally improves soil health, porosity, aeration, fertility, water-holding capacity, drainage, nutrient intake by plants, and the soil micro flora. MCF markets in Humic Substance (granules and liquids) under the brand name of Mangala Gold. It has numerous uses. A few of them are - improvement in the color of fruits, flowers, and vegetables, reduction of broken grains in paddy, increasing sugar recovery in sugar canes etc. Most of these products are packed in 50kg HDPE bags.

MCF Plant Location In India

Panambur, Mangalore - 575 010
Phone - 0824-2220 600
Fax- 0824-2407 938
E-mail- [email protected]

Corporate & Registered Office

Level-11, UB Towers, UB City No.24, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore - 560 001
Phone- 080-3985 6000, 3985 6500, 3985 5000, 3985 5500
Fax -080-3985 5588
Delhi Office
Flat No.1002, 10th Floor, Bhikaji Cama Bhavan, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi - 110 066
Phone - 011-26181760
Fax - 011-26107818
Contact Person - K K Sharma, Head (Corporate Affairs)

Last Updated on May 28, 2015