Shriram Fertilizers and Chemicals

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Shriram Fertilizers and Chemicals is among the top players in the fertilizer industry of India. Its revolutionary techniques in production have made the company a formidable competitor in the fertilizer segment.

The operations in manufacturing fertilizer by the company are distinguished by dint of its production process optimization for maximum capacity usage. Shriram Fertilizers and Chemicals was the first to manufacture several fertilizers ingeniously.

The different chemicals it produces are:

  • Urea - a non-flammable chemical used as the basic fertilizer in agriculture. The company was the first to manufacture Urea in the 1960s.
  • Potash Fertilizer Materials - chemicals used as bulk blending ingredients in fertilizers.
  • Phosphate Fertilizer Materials - widely used for the manufacture of different fertilizers used for agriculture.
  • Different nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium-based fertilizers, potassium chloride, and triple super phosphate are manufactured in large quantities.
  • Ammonium Nitrate - an inorganic nitrate-based fertilizer widely used in India for agriculture.
  • Anhydrous Ammonia - an inorganic ammonia based fertilizer used for agrarian purposes.
Located in Kota, Rajasthan Shriram Fertilizers and Chemicals is one of the most economical naptha-based urea manufacturers in the Indian Fertilizer Industry. For the past few years, Shriram Fertilizers and Chemicals has been developing its plants to be adaptable to other types of feedstock such as gas and accordingly, they have succeeded in making their plant suitable for dual feedstock.

The Shriram Fertilizers and Chemicals has made a significant contribution in the fertilizer market in India, especially in the rural sector. The presence of a strong distribution network over the major parts of India has helped the company's growth. Shriram Fertilizers and Chemicals has extensive plans for the securing its future in the market.

The Fertilizer Industry is growing as the Indian economy is largely an agrarian one. The developments in the infrastructure of these companies and better management are the key factors of success.

Last Updated on July 6, 2015