Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited

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About Chambal Fertilizers

Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited is a company which belongs to the K. K. Birla group and was incorporated in 1985. It forms an important part of the private sector fertilizer industry in India. The company is situated in Gadepan, Rajasthan.
Fertilizers contain chemical elements which increase the growth of plants and as agricultural production increases, the Indian economy is strengthened. Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited has had an important hand in manufacturing fertilizers, thereby boosting the Indian agricultural sector and the Indian economy itself. The various polices of the India government with regard to the fertilizer industry have also helped the company to grow.

Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited has a fertilizer complex which is the largest in the private sector in India. The plants in the company are highly modernized and this has helped in the increase of production output. The quality of the fertilizers manufactured by Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited is also considered among the best available in the market. Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited operates two nitrogenous fertilizer plants which were built at the costs of ` 25,000 crore. They have the capacity to produce 1.7292 million tons of urea per year.

Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited's products are sold under the brand name Uttam. The company supplies fertilizers to the western and northern regions of the country. It has 10 regional offices, 14,000 village outlets, and a network of 1,000 dealers to assist in distribution.

Products of Chambal Fertilizers

  • Urea
  • Seeds
  • Bio-fertilizers
  • Ammonia

Board of Directors

Mr. Saroj Kumar Poddar, Chairman
Mr. Anil Kapoor, Managing Director

Corporate Office

Corporate One, First Floor,
5 Commercial Centre,
Jasola, New Delhi - 110 025
Tel: +91-11 41697900 / 46581300
Fax: +91-11-40638679

Last Updated on May 30, 2015