Madhya Pradesh Sugar Industry

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Madhya Pradesh Sugar Industry is known to be one of the largest contributors to India's sugar industry. The sugar industry in Madhya Pradesh is comprised of a set of sugar mills located in various parts of the city. A large part of revenue in the Indian economy is earned from its sugar industry.

The areas of Madhya Pradesh where sugar factories have been set up include Shivpur, Narayanpura, Kareli, Babai, Banapura, Timami, Betul, Sanawad, Bhorawah, Navalnagar, and Nepanagar. Naturally, these are the areas in Madhya Pradesh where sugar production is highest. Some of the sugar factories in Madhya Pradesh that have been doing really well are as follows:
  • Indo Euro Industries Ltd (Betul)
  • The Bhopal Sugar Industries Ltd. (Babai, Dist. Hoshangabad)
  • Nepa Limited (Nepanagar, Burhanpur, Khandwa)
  • Raigarh S.S.K. Ltd (Sarannagar, Dist. Raigarh)
  • J. K. Arora, Som Agro Products Ltd (Timarni-Harda, Dist. Hoshangabad)
  • M.P. State Agro Industries Dev. Corpn. Ltd (Narainpur, Teh.- Raghogarh, Dist.- Guna)
  • Chattisgarh S.S.K. Ltd (Kurud, Dist. Raipur)
  • Bhaskar Industries Ltd Shivpur-Kala, Dist. Morena)
  • Shree Vindhya Papar Mills Ltd (Sanawad, Teh.Barwaha, Dist. Khargone)
  • General Foods Ltd (Banapura, Harda, Dist. Hosangabad)
  • Naveen Jindal (Sarang Garh, Dist. Raigarh)
  • Krishak S.S.K. Ltd (Narayanpura, Raghogarh, Guna)
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Sahakari Soot Mill Ltd (Bhorahwa, Kasarawad, Dist. Khargone)
  • M/s. Orient Cartons (P) Ltd (Teh. Kareli, Dist. Narsingpur)
  • Navalsingh S.S.K. Maryadit (Navalnagar, Burhanpur, Khandwa East Nimai)
The Sugar Industry is the second largest industry in agricultural sector after the textile industry. There are more than 45 million sugarcane producers all over India and a large part of it goes to the Madhya Pradesh sugar industry. The production of sugarcanes in Madhya Pradesh for 2002-03 was estimated at 0.85 lakh tons but the production reached 0.94 lakh tons. In 2004-05, the production rate was 0.85 lakh tons once again.

There are 3 big sugar mills in Madhya Pradesh which are located in the state of Indore. They are:
  • Neori Khandsari Sugar Mill
  • Girdharilal Sugar And Allied Industries
  • Shiv Khandsari Sugar Mill
The Sugar Industry in Madhya Pradesh is one of the largest and most significant sectors in India. The sugar factories in the rural areas of India manufacture the traditional sweeteners such as Gur and Khandsari. The Madhya Pradesh sugar industry has been working on industrial development that began in India in 1950-51 and is following the five-year plan for targets in the production and consumption of sugarcanes, checking the licensed and installation capacity, and also sugar manufacturing.

Location Of Sugar Factory
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Sugar Industry in Madhya Pradesh

Sugar Factories Details
Nepa Limited
Nepanagar, Burhanpur, Khandwa- 450221, L.I. No. 312
dt.- 8.12.97, Crushing Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Bhaskar Industries Ltd
6, Swarka Sadan Press Complex, M.P. Nagar, Zone 1, Bhopal 462011, Location- Shivpur-Kala, Dist. Morena, L.I. No. 309
dt.- 5.12.97, Crushing Capacity- 2500 TCD
Chatisgarh S.S.K. Ltd
Kurud, Dist. Raipur, L.I. No. 311
dt.- 5.12.97, Crushing Capacity- 2500 TCD
General Foods Ltd
Mahakosh House, 7/5, South Tukogang, Nath Mandir Road, Indore 452001, Location-Banapura, Harda, Dist. Hosangabad, L.I. No. 90
dt.-8.4.97, Crushing Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Indo Euro Industries Ltd
77,Mittal Chambers, Nariman Point, Bombay-400021, At Betul, Dist. Betul, Sector-Pvt. LI:436 (1993)
Date 7-12-93
J. K. Arora, Som Agro Products Ltd
23, Zone IInd, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal 462011, Location-Timarni-Harda, Dist. Hoshangabad, L.I. No. 89
dt.- 8.4.97, Crushing Capacity- 2500 TCD
Jawaharlal Nehru Sahakari Soot Mill Ltd
Khargone 451001, Location-Bhorahwa, Kasarawad, Dist. Khargone, L.I. No. 109
dt.- 17.4.97, Crushing Capacity- 2500 TCD
Krishak S.S.K. Ltd
Narayanpura, Raghogarh, Guna, L.I. No. 310
dt.- 5.12.97, Crushing Capacity- 2500 TCD.
M.P. State Agro Industries Dev. Corpn. Ltd
Panchanan, 3rd Floor, Malviya Nagar, Bhopal 462003, Location-Narainpur, Teh.- Raghogarh, Dist.- Guna.
M/s. Orient Cartons (P) Ltd.
909 ,Parekh Market, 39 J.S. Road, Bombay-400 004 (Location at Teh. Kareli, Dist. Narsingpur)
Date 11-7-89, Pvt. Crushing Capacity 2500
Navalsingh S.S.K. Maryadit
Navalnagar, Burhanpur, Khandwa East Nimai (M.P.)
From 1250 to 2500 TCD.
Naveen Jindal
6, Prithvi Raj Road, New Delhi 110011, Location Sarang Garh, Dist. Raigarh, L.I. No. 313
dt.- 8.12.97, Crushing Capacity- 2500 TCD.
Raigarh S.S.K. Ltd
Salheona, Location-Sarannagar, Dist. Raigarh, L.I. No. 314
dt.- 8.12.97, Crushing Capacity- 2500 TCD. Chairman- Mohan Patel
Shree Vindhya Papar Mills Ltd
Panchak, G.D. Somani Nagar, Dushkheda Via Bhusawal, Nasik Road, Maharashtra, At Sanawad, Teh.Barwaha, Dist. Khargone, Sector-Pvt. LI:434 (1993)
Date 7-12-93. Exec.Director-Shekhar Somani.
The Bhopal Sugar Industries Ltd.
Ganesh Mandir Road, Sehore-466 003 (Location at Babai, Dist. Hoshangabad)
Date 3-5-90, Pvt. Crushing Capacity 2500.

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