Triveni Engineering and Industries

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Triveni Engineering and Industries was set up in the year 1932 with the name of Ganga Sugar Corporation Limited. In 1973, it was renamed Gangeshwar Limited and finally on March 31, 2000 it was given the name Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd (TEIL).

TEIL trades in sugar, turbines, gears, and water treatment. The company owns 3 sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh with an installation capacity of 25,250 tons per day. Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd. is also one of India's largest producers of steam turbines also with a generating capacity of 15.0 MV. TEIL is also into the trade of generating power.

Triveni Engineering has 2 broad divisions: Sugar and Engineering. The 3 sugar mills owned by TEIL in Uttar Pradesh are situated in Khatauli, Deoband, and Ramkola. The sugar manufactured at TEIL is direct consumption estate with white low ICUMSA (an international process for determining color vague of sugar; lower value implies whiter sugar) and bold grain sugar.

Triveni Engineering also manufactures and distributes steam turbines. The company has a capacity of 70 megawatts and a speed range of about 70,000 revolutions per minute. TEIL is also engaged in designing, producing, and distributing a variety of equipment. The company also provides solutions for water-related issues and wastewater treatment for its customers. Triveni's work profile ranges from conventional elucidation and filtration systems to present-day membrane-based strategies.

Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)310
Profit after Tax(PAT)43.47
MCAP (Market Capitalization)562.83

Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd. has introduced a new business enterprise called Triveni Khushali Bazaar in February, 2005 to support its sugar business. This enterprise has 6 branches among which 2 are controlled by TEIL and 4 are operated by its dealers. Triveni Engineering has launched this new enterprise to meet the demands of the farming community that includes tractors, farming instruments, fertilizers, pesticides, alleviating institutional accreditation and so on. Of late, Triveni Engineering and Industries has stepped into the capital market with an amount of 50,000,000 equity shares at the rate of Re. 1 per share.

Financial Statement of Triveni for 2004-2005:
  • ` 276.02 crore (second quarter of 2004) to ` 306.16 crore (second quarter ended in September 30, 2005) - rise in company's revenue

  • ` 29.76 crore (quarter ended 2004) to ` 43.15 crore (quarter ended 2005) - 45% rise in net profit after tax

  • 4.34% (return of net worth of the company for 2004) to 52.20% (return on net worth of the company for 2005)

  • NAV of Triveni Engineering stands at ` 9.06 on June 2005.
Current Growth of Triveni:
  • Revenue - ` 461.89 crore to ` 557.96 crore
  • Net Profit - ` 45.53 crore to ` 67.78 crore
Triveni Engineering and Industries decided to expand its business in 2005 by establishing a sugar mill with a capacity of 7000 TCD. Following that, the company has also been in search of locations to set up 2 or more sugar mills with similar capacities and is planning the completion of the same by 2007. Apart from the sugar mills sector, TEIL is also about to expand its business in turbines and gears in Bangalore and Mysore.

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