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Insurance is plausibly one of the best investments one can make. It provides on with a safety net, an umbrella that can shield you in any emergency. The policies are easy on the pocket and with online purchases being an alternate option these days, accessibility is not an area of concern. Suitable policies are available to fit any budget and requirements and that you can purchase from a travel insurance agent. A good travel insurance policy covers several aspects like medical expenses, flight cancellations, theft or lost valuables etc.

Some of the policies one can purchase from a travel insurance agent include travel medical & evacuation insurance, trip cancellation &interruption insurance, flight accident insurance policy, group travel insurance and multi-trip annual travel insurance to name a few. These insurances cover specific policies and are enumerated in details below.

Travel Medical & Evacuation Insurance

Sometimes things do not work according to the way you plan. You might also encounter emergencies, which were unfathomable. A medical evacuation and insurance plan shields one if such a situation were to arise. The plan includes medical coverage, air evacuation service that includes taking the passenger to a medical facility for immediate treatment and back home if the need arises. This insurance covers emergency medical emergencies, which are often not included in the health plan. Such a plan takes care of the individual in case an unfortunate medical emergency or situation arises.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Frequently unforeseen circumstances or crisis compel one to re-chalk their itinerary, cut short the trip or cancel or even alter the existing travel plan. In such an event, one stands to lose the money he/she paid for the non-refundable ticket/travel arrangements. One may also end up dishing out extra cash for accommodation and transportation as a direct result. The trip cancellation and interruption insurance safeguards one against such a scenario by creating a buffer. The before departure insurance, which is a part of the policy covers the non-refundable aspects of the travel allowing one to even recover the cost from the agent/operator. The after departure insurance provides coverage for the costs that would possibly be incurred if one returned home at an earlier or later than previously stipulated date. The third aspect i.e. the subsistence allowance insurance reimburses one for the extra expenses incurred owing to the shift in plans. These include things like meals, accommodation, transport etc.

Flight Accident Travel Insurance Policy

A basic flight accident insurance policy usually covers for accidental death and dismemberment on a commercial air carrier. It also includes coverage in case one suffers from sustainable injuries while on the flight. For an additional premium amount, the passenger can purchase a policy, which gives benefits to their dependants. This coverage can be single or multi-trip in nature.

Most of the insurance policies are only applicable in case of commercial and not private carriers. The policy purchase from a travel insurance agent protects one from unfortunate situations that may arise unexpectedly. Buying a good policy gives one peace of mind while travelling. In today's fast-paced world, insurance has become an inimical part of our lives and a necessity.

Last Updated on 20/06/2011

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