Airline Travel Insurance

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Airline Travel insurance is actually a life insurance policy that is taken for a short-term period. It offers coverage to the policyholder when there is an accidental demise. This can take place during the flight, boarding and delaying of a flight. The policy needs to be finalized and bought before the departure. If there is any mishap, then benefits of the policy would be shared with the ones related to the policyholder or the beneficiary.

The insurance provides coverage for commercial aircraft, but not for any private planes owned by individuals. The policies and plans are in general available to an amount up to 1,000,000 dollars. Owing to the fact that it covers a short span of time, the costs are reasonable. There are plans with a starting price of 12 dollars per person. You can buy them for your family as well as for individual use.

Buying Airline Travel Insurance

You can purchase these insurance plans as a single policy. Another way of purchasing them would be having a part of the blanket policies. These would include baggage, health and trip cancellation insurance. TravelGuard, AccessAmerica and other insurance underwriters offer these policies.

In the recent years, the advancement of internet has made the online purchase of airlines travel insurance easy and convenient. All you need to do is fill up a "one-page" form and you can avail the policies online. Few eminent companies are-

  • Travel Guard Insurance
  • Travelex Insurance
It is important that you read the benefits as well as the terms and conditions before any purchase. The coverage and terms vary slightly depending on the company and policy.

You can also purchase these policies at few airports using the automated kiosks. A famous company that sells its products via kiosks is Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. You can trace them on most occasions on close proximity to the 'check-in' counters. If you would want to purchase an insurance plan, you simply need to provide your flight details and make your payment by credit card. The policy is printed from the kiosks directly. The entire transaction is easy and takes only few minutes.

You will also come across several credit card companies that would provide you with air travel insurance for free. This is especially for their platinum and gold cardholders. The amount is generally up to 100,000 dollars. The insurance covers the cardholder only. This type policy benefits the frequent traveler.

Importance of Airline Travel Insurance

Before opting for air travel insurance it is very important to understand whether you actually need it. Just like any other insurance policy, the decision to invest in such is a policy is completely personal. Largely, the choice of the insurance depends on the passenger's fear of flights. As a result of which, someone who would hardly think of getting a car trip insured would purchase an airline insurance owing to the flight's uncertainty.

However, you need to ascertain that the airline travel insurance that you have opted for has the coverage for the time taken to travel back and forth from the airport. When you have opted for this policy, be sure to carry your Airline Travel Insurance ID card. Keep it with you all the time in order to avoid any hassle.

Top Airlines Travel Insurance Companies

We have listed down for you some of the famous companies dealing in Air travel insurance plans.

  • Endsleigh Travel Insurance
  • World Nomads Travel Insurance
  • Columbus Travel Insurance
  • AIG Travel Guard

Easy steps to get an Airline Travel Policy

An insurance broker or an agent will always help you from the hassle of applying for a policy. Post that all your financial records would be checked by the insurance company. When all the investigation is completed, and the risk factors calculated the premium is determined. Your cost of coverage would be more if your risks are more. In case, you do not want to pay a certain amount, you can always negotiate. The deciding factors that determine the underwriting are listed below:-

  • Type of the aircraft
  • Operations Base
  • Pilot's qualifications
  • The type of operation of the aircraft, i.e. pleasure or business
Last Updated on 20/06/2011

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