Group Travel Insurance

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Unlike the individual travel insurance policy, group travel insurance policy can secure an entire group, be it your family or your friends. When you are traveling with a group, it is always advisable to buy a group travel insurance to secure all members in the group with a single policy. Group insurance is very important since it covers everyone in the group. Anyone from the group might face a health related issue or can loss any of his belongings during the trip. If the whole group is insured, everyone can experience a stress free journey.

Buying a group trip insurance can buy mental peace and relaxed tour for the group. You will know that your near and dear ones are covered no matter what happens during the tour. How to choose a group travel insurance is a major decision, which should be taken very carefully. Include every member of the group in the discussion. Decide on the factors like which benefits should be opted for. Before contacting with the insurance provider, make sure to submit one phone number and contact details. Decide who will be the contacting person in the group. This is very useful to have one contacting person in case of emergency.

Group travel insurance plans are best for short trips of educational institutions and sports teams. Group tour insurance policies are cheaper options compared to bestowing separate insurance policy for everyone. You have to give one time premium for the group insurance, instead of separate annual premiums to different individual's insurance plans.

Group travel insurance is always accompanied with heavy discounts. The amount of the discount will depend of the number of people under the insurance plan. For example, some insurance companies give one discount while some companies provide discounts for five-people-group. Moreover, there are some other factors, which play a vital role in deciding the insurance quote. The parameters may differ from one insurance company to another. Generally, the duration of the trip, the geographical region you are going to, or the age of the travelersâ?¦ these are the other deciding factors for determining the group travel insurance quote.

Always shop around to select the perfect insurance policy for insuring your group trip. After getting the quotes, you should collect personal information of each and every member of the group. The personal information includes medical history and contact details. The payment policy may differ from one company to other. Some insurance companies allow each member of the group to pay separately while some companies allow collective payment.

Group travel insurance providers: There are many companies, which offer group travel insurance. Some of them are mentioned below:
HDFC: HDFC ERGO offers group travel insurance on a large number of areas. Some of the policies cover loss of luggage and personal documents, loss of cash or credit and debit cards, loss of checked baggage, flight delay or cancellation, baggage delay, trip cancellation or disruption, and personal liabilities.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance: Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance offers group travel insurance for business trips.

Last Updated on 20/06/2011

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