Travel Insurance: Component of Pre-travel Arrangements

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Most of us know that purchasing travel insurance is the most important thing to do when going for a vacation. If opting for such an insurance plan is a procedure, that involves a set of activities, then there must be some pre-travel activities. Let us have a look at some of the components of pre-travel arrangements for purchasing travel insurance plans. We have divided the "to-do" pre-travel activities in the following categories

Things to check pre-travel insurance buying

Let us browse over some of the important things that you must keep in mind in this regard. The list is given below-

  • Read carefully the policy brochure that you are given.
  • You need check whether your credit cards are updated and that you have sufficient funds.
  • Keep your PIN number handy.
  • Check whether all your vaccinations are updated.
  • Keep a close account of the record of all your medical requirements.
  • You need to ensure that your mobile phones have the roaming facility activated.
  • Check in and a take all the details of your cash, credit and card limit for selected countries. If you want, you can also include the contact details of your overseas bank.
  • Check the validity of your passport. It must have 6 months validity.

Things to record pre-travel insurance purchase

Apart from the things that you need to check in, there are certain things that you need to record prior to opting for a policy. Few things that need to be recorded or photocopied are listed below-

  • Record all your passport details
  • Keep a copy of the instructions for medical assistance in the travel insurance policy and also if there is/are any emergency number/s
  • Keep a photocopy of the air-tickets and the travel itinerary
  • Record your policy numbers and all other travel insurance details that you require to fill in
  • Record any and every travel documents
  • Keep a copy of the serial numbers for your camera, camcorder and computer and also other equipments that you wish to carry
  • Contact numbers of mobile phone companies
  • Keep a record of your credit card numbers
This apart, you might feel like keeping a copy of any other document that might be important for you. For instance, if you are opting for a travel insurance health policy, one of the essential components would be the medical history. This would be in terms of the medical prescriptions, medical reports or any other documents regarding medical tests.

Pre-Travel insurance arrangements by the company

When it comes to travel insurance, there are few components of pre-travel arrangements to be carried out by the insurance company as well. The same is listed below-

  • To educate the passenger correctly on the travel insurance plan that best suits their requirement.
  • To match all authentic documents
  • To share all relevant documents in time
  • To collect all forms and documents in time
Last Updated on 20/06/2011

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