Corporate Travel Insurance

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Corporate travel insurance is made for the employees, who travel frequently. Corporate travel insurance is designed for domestic as well as overseas travel. This insurance is mainly offered by the employers to their employees, who need to travel frequently. These insurance plans cover all the aspects, which a general travel insurance policy covers. The main motto behind offering these policies to the employees is to avoid any intensive expenses that the employees may incur.

Both health related issues and trip related issues are being covered by these insurance policies. Corporate travel insurance can cover a number of areas such as medical expenses, treatment, medical evacuation, lost baggage, flight cancellation etc. The organization or company offers the corporate trip insurance, which can cover all these aspects of risks.

These days on the scenario of social and political unrest, business travel insurance are getting more and more popularity. Incidents like terrorist act are the major concern of business travels these days. For this reason, more and more corporate houses are incorporating business trip insurance in the benefits of the employees. However, before selecting any corporate travel insurance, the organization should check whether the insurance is adequate enough to cover all the risks that may take place in a business trip.

Corporate travel insurance providers: In India, there are a number of insurance companies, which offer insurance for business trips. Some of them are:

Tata AIG corporate trip insurance: Tata AIG offers solutions to the corporate houses to protect their employees during their vacations. They offer different plans for large corporate houses as well as small companies. Among their various services, 24*7 worldwide coverage, international SOS assistance, and multilingual assistance are the most important ones.

Reliance corporate travel insurance: Reliance corporate travel insurance covers a number of risk factors in their business travel insurance policies. Some of them are medical charges during evacuation or traveling, personal accident cover, hospitalization, loss of passport, loss of baggage, trip cancellation, flight cancellation, personal liabilities, hijack compensation, financial emergency etc.

Thomascook business travel insurance: Thomas Cook Insurance Services (I) Ltd is a corporate agent of Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited. They offer corporate travel insurance for overseas trips. Their offers are lucrative for those companies, which send their employees overseas frequently. They also offer customized group policies along with single policies for a year.

A business travel insurance policy should always should maximize the cost benefits of an organization. However, before opting for any insurance policy, an employee should check some points. For example, he or she should not travel to a geographic region, which is prone to terrorist attack or war or to any region of the world, where traveling prohibited by the state department of the country. Having a travel insurance does not mean that the insured person should go to any region for business.

However, after getting insured by a proper travel insurance, the employee should carry his or her corporate business travel card with himself or herself. If you are traveling overseas for business, you should always register with your embassy in the country for getting support in case of severe emergencies. Corporate travelers should opt for proper vaccination before boarding the flight.

Your company will protect you against all the impending dangers during the business travel. You, as a responsible citizen should be careful and alert to avoid any mishap. If unfortunately, any accident to you or to your baggage takes place, the insurance company is there to protect you and save your company from financial crisis. Corporate travel insurance plans not only secure your journey, but they also save you from stress and anxiety.

Last Updated on 20/06/2011

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