Short Term Travel Insurance

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Short term travel insurance is meant for small trips. This insurance policy is also known as single trip travel insurance. Many people conduct only one or two trips in one year. These insurance plans are excellent for those. Long term travel insurance or multi trip annual travel insurance is not at all profitable for them, who are not frequent travelers. This insurance policy will cover the insured person for only the duration of the trip.

The number of days to be insured is a subject of alteration from one insurance provider to other. Some of the insurance company will offer you to buy a short term tour insurance for the exact days of your trip while some companies cater for a maximum range of duration for the validity of the insurance cover. In the previous option, the insurance quote would be lower than the latter one, since the insurance holder is opting for the minimum days.

Short term travel insurance policy is ideal for those who avail not more than two trips in a year. These plans are also beneficial for some elderly people, who cannot avail more than one trip in a year. The people, who go for three or more than three trips a year, annual multi trip travel insurance policy is best. There is no point of buying a multi trip policy with a higher price, when you can get all the coverage in a lesser price. Moreover, a short stay travel insurance policy can give you all the benefits of that of a multi trip one.

Short term travel insurance policy coverage:

Complete luggage cover is provided by this insurance policy, which includes loss of luggage, loss of cash, lost of credit cards, and loss of important documents.

Trip cancellation and flight cancellation are also included in the policy.

All the medical expenses including hospitalization and associated costs are incorporated in these policies.

Some insurance companies offer extra facilities in exchange of some amount price. For example, if you are opting for a theme holiday such as winter vacation, wildlife vacation, adventure sports, or medical tour, you can avail extra benefits by adding up to your insurance premium.

Short term travel insurance policies can be applicable for individual, group, or couples.

Short term travel insurance policy can be of minimum 5 days. The policyholder can buy it for the span of 1 year, which is extendable to 2 or 3 years.

Cholamandalam is one of the Indian insurance companies, which offer short term travel insurance.

Last Updated on 20/06/2011

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