Bangalore Infrastructure

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Bangalore Infrastructure: Bangalore is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing cities in Asia and also one of the most sought after cities in India by people, companies, multinationals and tourists. The massive growth that the city has witnessed in the last decade is a clear indication of this city being developed to be at par with the most modern cities in the world. The population of Bangalore has grown enormously on account of migration of people from all corners of India, neighbouring countries and from countries in the West. This has indeed reduced the local population to around 38% of the total population.

Along with the population the city has also seen great improvements in its roads, highways and other Bangalore Infrastructure. Several flyovers have come into existence in the last few years easing the traffic and making travel more easier. While there is still a lot to be done with regards to the deadly traffic, the Government has indeed been working at a great speed to bring Bangalore at par with the great cities of the world. If things move in the right direction, Bangalore 2010 will be truly a city of the future where everyone wants to live. And life will be more comfortable, at least in terms of transport. But if the Bangalore Infrastructure projects continue to become victims of political bickering, the Silicon City is sure to be more chaotic.

Metro Rail, the international airport at Devanhalli, four-laning of Bangalore-Mysore Road, Bangalore-Mysore Express Corridor, improvement in BMTC services, more flyovers and underpasses are expected to make traveling both within the city and from outside more comfortable.

The services and entertainment sectors are also developing rapidly. There is now a greater thrust towards developing world class properties. Sanjay Khan's Hilton-managed Golden Palms Resort & Spa has opened, as has the Prestige Group's Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort in the suburbs of Bangalore.

It is clear that real estate has played a vital role in much of the growth that has taken place in Bangalore Infrastructure. There are opportunities galore for entrepreneurs - the symbiotic existence of real estate developers and business people has seen Bangalore develop into one of Asia's fastest growing cities. The urban landscape is changing rapidly, but when business is good.

Bangalore Infrastructure has been a hot button issue for quite a long period.

State Governments have been trying to get the "Metropolitan City" status for Bangalore. In simple terms Metropolitan city can be defined as "A large population centre consisting of a large city and its adjacent zone of influence, or of several neighbouring cities or towns and adjoining areas with one or more large city serving as its hub." By getting this status Bangalore will be eligible for more funds from the centre which will help in the development of Bangalore Infrastructure.

Last updated On: 7th May 2011

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