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Statistics Infrastructure refers to those statistics which relate to infrastructure of a nation. All such statistics highlight the infrastructural credibility of a nation by reflecting the endowments of the essential resources. Thus, they are crucial components of a vast range of productive processes. Hence, the study of Statistics Infrastructure is of utmost importance.

Nature and scope of Statistics Infrastructure
Infrastructure, refers to all those areas, which aid the process of development of an economy. The following are the basic components of Infrastructure.

Infrastructure of a nation encompasses the construction, maintenance, and development of following areas:
  • Public Utility Services
    • supply of water
    • generation of power
    • telecommunications
    • gas production (for domestic and industrial purposes)
    • Transport Services
    • construction of railway tracks, effective monitoring of signaling system, and proper maintenance of stations
  • bridges
    • runways and facilities at airports
    • functioning of ports
  • Public Works
    • construction and maintenance of roads
    • construction and maintenance of canals and dams for purposes of irrigation

Statistical data regarding these sectors collected over a period of time, indicate the performance of the respective sector. In turn, they have a huge bearing on the functioning of the economy as a whole. In short, statistics relating to infrastructure are effective indicators of economic development. Since the informations on the above components of infrastructure are vital constituents in the formulation of infrastructure index, the data collected needs to be accurate and authentic.

Data is generally collected on the basis of Sample Surveys.

Though India's Statistics Infrastructure shows a slight improvement in recent years, it still has a long way to go. However, with rapid, all-round development in the last decade or so, the need to further the infrastructural developments is critical. For this, all statistical facts and figures need to be updated regularly. In addition to this, the scope of infrastructural index needs to be widened.

Last updated On: 7th May 2011

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