Indian Air Transport Infrastructure

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Indian air transport is one of the fastest developing aviation sectors of the world. In recent years, Indian air transport has witnessed a boom which has given rise to the need for improving Indian air transport infrastructure like never before.

The reason for that is an upsurge in demand for air travel, much of which owes to the opening of a host of low-cost airlines by the private sector.

Indian Air Transport Infrastructure - An Overview
Traditionally, Indian air transport had been under the strict supervision of the Ministry of Civil Aviation with its domestic airline service - Indian Airlines (now Indian) and its foreign counterpart, Air India.

However, the Economic Reforms, implemented by the central government opened up several opportunities for private airline companies to venture into this previously uncharted sector. The results followed thick and fast, as the enhanced competition in the market forced companies to bring down their prices of air fares and at the same time, improve facilities.

This eventually recalled the necessity for improvement of the age-old Indian air transport infrastructure.

Indian Air Transport Infrastructure – The Road Ahead
India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) has been vested with the lion's share of responsibility of improving the Indian air transport infrastructure. For this, a hefty sum of US$9 billion has been sanctioned by the central government to upgrade various airports with respect to the following:
  • Regulation of air traffic
  • Securities
  • Technological improvements
  • Services to passengers
  • Value added services (shops, restaurants etc.)
However, the process of modernization of Indian air transport infrastructure is not an easy task. Necessary approvals of the central and respective state governments are required at every stage of implementation which makes the developmental process cumbersome and time consuming. Hopefully, by 2012, the Indian air transport infrastructure will be able to undergo the most desired makeover.

Last updated On: 7th May 2011

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