Chennai Infrastructure

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Upliftment of Infrastructure in Chennai is the most talked about developmental projects of recent times. The rate of growth of Chennai Infrastructure is infusing a positive vibe in the rest of the country.

Chennai Infrastructure – A foreword

The city of Chennai, though small in comparison to other metropolitan cities of India, has had a identity of its own that is unique, yet obvious. With buildings and churches built during the British period, Chennai had a imbibed the European culture like no other city in India.

Even after independence, Chennai could hardly abandon its British influences that were so apt in Chennai's infrastructure.

It is only in the late nineteenth century that Chennai began to get over its past influences and look towards modernization.

In recent years, the city of Chennai has experienced a complete turnaround in its all-round infrastructure. The combined initiatives of the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Central Government is paying rich dividends in terms of approval of projects related to infrastructural upgradations in Chennai.

Chennai Infrastructure - Present State
Some of the significant projects that have been taken up in recent times include:
  • The setting up of a new international airport in the vicinity of the existing one for which about 1500 acres of land has been allocated by the State Government.

  • The IT industry is also growing thick and fast in Chennai which is also being initiated by the Government. The low cost of living index of Chennai is bound to harness rapid growth of the IT sector.

  • The most awaited Chennai Infrastructure is the construction of a highway that would aid the city in all its future ventures, be it in IT or manufacturing. The proposed highway, when built, would definitely transform Chennai into a major hub of economic activities.

  • In 2005, Chennai Metropolitan Development Plan had been assigned the task of improving the overall position of Chennai Infrastructure by the Government of Tamil Nadu. As much as INR 180 billion has been sanctioned for the entire project.

  • Provisions are also being made for a separate waterline with a capacity to provide over 5 million gallons per day exclusively to the IT sector.
Thus, Chennai Infrastructure is growing in leaps and bounds an setting an example for other states to follow.

Last updated On: 7th May 2011

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