Electrosteel Castings

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Electrosteel Castings Limited (ECL) was set in the 1959 at Kharda in West Bengal. It is the biggest producer of ductile iron-spun pipes.

The sole purpose of Electrosteel Castings is to facilitate the development of the infrastructure of water by providing economic and technological information for the purpose of supplying of water and sewage systems.

India has a major problem regarding the availability of potable drinking-water and proper, hygienic sanitation. The increasing demand for the provision of proper drinking water has led to the transportation of large amounts of water from the different sources like wells, rivers, lakes and even the sea. This water is transferred to water treatment units which then supply the purified water to the households, offices, and other public places.

The company caters to the water-supply and sewage system with its USP – ductile iron-spun pipe. These pipes are reliable, long lasting, strong, and resistant to corrosion and contamination. The ductile iron pipes have become very popular in the water and sewage system infrastructure due to its extraordinary abilities.

Vision of Electrosteel Castings :
To become a company with world-class standards, while emphasizing the satisfaction of the customers and create an environment for a prosperous and profitable organization, while preserving the environment.

Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)331
Profit after Tax(PAT)179.58
MCAP (Market Capitalization)923.73

Mission of the Electrosteel Castings:
  • Integrity of the company
  • Transparency and creating value for the shareholder
  • Development community
  • To give respect to the people
  • Providing proper leadership
  • Environment friendly manufacturing process
  • To have performance oriented growth
  • To have all of the human resource work as a team
  • The activities should be customer oriented
The managing body of the Electrosteel Castings:
  • Mr. P.K.Khaitan, Chairman
  • Dr. J.J.Irani, Director
  • Mr. Naresh Chandra, Director
  • Mr. B.Khaitan, Director
  • Mr. V. K.Lamba, Director
  • Mr. Umang Kejriwal, Managing Director
  • Mr. Mayank Kejriwal, Joint Managing Director
  • Mr. Raghuvir Bhandari, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. N. C. Bahl, Director
  • Mr. Uddhav Kejriwal, Director
The manufacturing units of the Electrosteel Castings are situated in:
  • Unit at Khardah in West Bengal
  • Unit at Haldia in West Bengal
  • Unit at Elavur in Tamil Nadu
Different uses of ductile iron pipes:
  • Transportation of sea water and potable
  • Distribution of gas and potable water
  • Transportation of industrial effluent and domestic waste
  • Onshore and off shore fire fighting systems
  • Pipelines in unstable ground conditions
  • Pipelines under major roadways
  • Pipelines in mountainous terrain
  • Disposal of ash slurry

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