Everest Kanto Cylinder

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Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited was set up in the year 1978 in India. Presently it is one of the leading manufacturer of Industrial & compressed natural gas cylinders.

The company produces more than 5 lakh compressed natural gas cylinders and 1.5 million high pressure gas cylinders. Everest Kanto Cylinder owns three production units in India at Tarapur, Aurangabad, and Gandhidam and one in the Middle East at Jafza in Dubai. The company with its long commercial history in this sector is legendary for its quality and safety standards. The company owns the lion's share of both the national and the international market in this industry.

Board of Directors of Everest Kanto Cylinder:
  • Prem Kumar Khurana, Chairman & Managing Director
  • Puneet Khurana, Whole Time Director
  • Pushkar Khurana, Whole Time Director
  • P.M. Samvatsar, Whole Time Director
  • Vyomesh Shah, Independent Director
  • Mohan Jayakar, Independent Director
  • Krishen Dev, Independent Director
  • Shailesh Haribhakti, Independent Director
  • Naresh Oberoi, Independent Director
  • Ms. Josephine Price, Non Independent and Non Executive Director
  • Ms. Genevieve Heng Alternate Director to Ms. Josephine Price

The major products manufactured by Everest Kanto Cylinder
  • Industrial Cylinders: These cylinders are used for the purpose of transporting compressed industrial gases through the roadway and railways. These are very tough and can easily withstand rough condition.
  • Allied Products:
    • Cylinder Valves
    • Valve Protection Guards
    • Valve Protection Caps
    • Trolleys
    • Medical Equipments
    • Industrial Equipments
    • Purge Bottles and Double Necked Cylinders
  • Medical Cylinders: These cylinders are used for the storage of gases like nitrous oxide and oxygen which are used in health industry for giving anesthesia and asthma patients.

  • Beverage Cylinders: These are seamless cylinders used for beverage and fire fighting applications. The company provides high pressure gas cylinders which are perfect for the storage of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) used in most of the aerated soft drinks, beverages and beer kegs, propellant for fire extinguishers, and to inflate rubber rafts.

  • Compressed Natural Gas Cylinders: These are used by the vehicles using CNG as fuel. The CNG is a clean fuel and is becoming very popular as a eco-friendly fuel source for the automobile industry.

  • Accumulators: With the growing demand of the industrial automation there is huge increase in the need for industrial hydraulics applications. Hydraulic accumulators are used to save energy, to dampen shocks, etc. The company manufactures thick-walled shells for bladder type hydraulic accumulators.

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