Allahabad Development Authority

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Allahabad Development Authority(ADA) was set up in 1974 under the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning & Development Act of 1973. In the beginning, the Allahabad Development Authority was a small undertaking but over the years it has taken the position of the premiere developmental in the city of Allahabad.

With the the growth in the Indian economy and the country hoping for a bright future The Allahabad Development Authority targets at organized and customized infrastructural development. These activities of the Allahabad Development Authority would help the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, the most populated state to adopt the changes due to the alterations in the modern commercial and residential environment.

The Allahabad Development Authority also aims at the industrial development in and around the city of Allahabad. As the state of Uttar Pradesh is quiet well known for its array of industries the ADA is interested in making the city an important commercial hub

The objectives of Allahabad Development Authority:
  • Evaluation and execution of previous planning, achievements and the validity in the present scenario
  • Establishment of rules and other authoritative values which are suitable for the coordinated and effective development of the city of Allahabad
  • Ensuring an efficient transport system for effective transportation within the city and abolition of unnecessary bottle necks
  • Formulation of suitable victuals and ensuring the proper and planned dispersion of various Public facilities and services
  • Specify the different authoritative values for the maintenance and protection of the Historical Buildings and sites
  • Maintenance of a salubrious natural environment in the city of Allahabad
The schemes under the Allahabad Development Authority:

  • Parivartan Housing Scheme
  • Avantika Housing Scheme
  • Trivenipuram Housing Scheme
  • Juhi Housing Scheme
  • Ekanki Housing Scheme
  • Katju Bagh Housing Scheme
  • Shantipuram Housing Scheme
  • Nirupma Housing Scheme
  • Agnipath Housing Scheme
  • Kalindipuram Housing Scheme
  • I.D.H. Compound Housing Scheme
  • Badri Housing Scheme
  • Janhavipuram Housing Scheme
  • Devghat Jhalva Housing Scheme
  • Dev-prayagam Housing Scheme
  • Asdullapur Housing Scheme
  • Chandpur Salori Housing Scheme
  • Ambedkar Housing Scheme
  • Nav-prayagam Housing Scheme

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