Varanasi Development Authority

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Varanasi Development Authority is one of the important Development Authorities in India and is responsible for providing housing benefits for the residents and developing commercial properties as well.

The Varanasi Development Authority has provided comfortable housing facilities for all economic groups. The Development Authorities of the various Indian cities thus concentrate on the overall urban restructuring of that city.

About the Varanasi Development Authority:

The Varanasi Development Authority was set up in the year 1973, under the aegis of the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Scheme. Varanasi is one of the most strategically significant religious tourist spot for numerous tourists come here every year. Moreover the city has been granted the status of being a heritage city by the UNESCO, and hence it was the responsibility of the Uttar Pradesh Government to concentrate on the development and maintenance of the city of Varanasi.

The Varanasi Development Authority henceforth has since undertaken the task of providing residential and commercial spaces to all the economic groups as well as to construct infrastructural facilities. The main achievement of the Varanasi Development Authority is that it has been constructing its projects as per the guidelines stated by UNESCO in the preservation of the heritage of the city.

Functional importance of the Varanasi Development Authority:

The Varanasi Development Authority have been operating in the city of Varanasi with their main aim being to develop the city as the most convenient place for the residents as well as the regular tourists coming here every season and at the same time preserve the heritage of the city. Thus, the main activities of the Varanasi Development Authority are:

  • to construct residential projects like large and small flats, duplexes
  • to set up commercial spaces like business hubs, shopping malls, offices
  • to arrange for auction of land plots
  • to build up a well integrated infrastructural support system
  • to conserve the old architecture and the cultural heritage of the city

Contact Details:

Varanasi Development Authority,
Raja Udai Pratap Marg,
Panna Lal Park, Varanasi,

Lucknow Development Authority