Haridwar Development Authority

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The Haridwar Development Authority is a statutory organization under the supervision of the Government of Uttaranchal, India. Uttaranchal can be termed as a backward state in comparison to other Indian states.

The State Government of Uttaranchal have drafted a phase wise development plan for the urban and rural infrastructural development. It has set a target of 10 years for the completion of the said phased development in the state of Uttaranchal. The state government of Uttaranchal and the Haridwar Development Authority have been vested with the task of developing housing and other civic amenity infrastructures at par with the world standards. Uttaranchal is predominantly an agriculture based state. Its main revenue comes from agriculture and power generation and mining. As per the reports, it generates only a small portion of its hydel power generation capacity. Lack of proper infrastructure and use of old and outdated technology is eating into its environment friendly power generation capacity. Since, hydel power is a clean and non-polluting power source thus, a lot of Indian and foreign companies are in the queue to exploit this untapped business area.

The state government of Uttaranchal and the Haridwar Development Authority have now realized the burning need to encourage public private partnership in the housing sector by forming joint ventures with private companies. Haridwar is not an industry based town but it is dominated by small time business man and traders along with some government offices. With the advent of industrialization in India, foreign companies are exploring all untapped geographical areas to cash on cheap labor force. Haridwar was recently caught in the radar of private investors for making investments in different untapped sectors especially, clean power generation , telecommunication, tourism and hotel. Haridwar Development Authority is specially focused to develop and modernize its road transport system since it is a hilly town and is not properly networked with other faster modes of communication like railways or airports.

The 10 year phased plan as envisaged by the Haridwar Development Authority targets the development of the following sectors -
  • Road transport facility
  • Power generation
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Hotels
  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Textile
  • Banking
  • Insurance and financial services
  • Food and food products
  • Telecommunication

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