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Cybertech Systems And Software Limited was incorporated on 19th January, 2004 as a Public Limited Company under the Companies Act, 1956, with the assistance of a handful of people proficient in executing projects of diverse domains. The company received the Certificate for Commencement of Business from the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra, on 31st January.

This group of individuals brought in functional and delivery potential which was the prerequisite for meeting customer's demands.

CyberTech Systems aspire to seek methods to deliver latest formats of lucrative solutions that can provide greater satisfaction to their global customers, and helps them in establishing customer loyalty and producing new income streams. The company seeks to tackle the prerequisites of a critical business by offering software solutions that allows business to distribute their customers the best quality in an efficient manner but not at the cost of lowering the profit margins.

Services offered by Cybertech Systems

With a combination of latest technologies such as .NET, J2EE, PHP etc. CyberTech Systems assists a business in exploring new opportunities and augmenting their customer experience. The solutions offered by Cybertech Systems are feasible for an adaptable business which is achieved through meticulous scope management program performed in a cost effective way.

List of technologies classified under different groups in which CyberTech Systems have expertise:
1. Programming Platforms:

  • J2EE
  • Hibernate
  • PHP
  • Web services
  • JSF
  • Struts
  • JSP/Servlet (Servlet 2.4)
  • EJB
  • JMS
  • JAAS
  • Junit
  • RMI
  • Velocity Templates

2. Tools:
  • Eclipse With Exadel for Web Services, EJB, JSF and Struts development
  • JDeveloper 10g
  • Net Beans
  • Ant
  • Bug tracker - Trac and Mantis
  • SVN repository, Tortoise
  • Exe4j
  • Acegi Security
  • UML Rational Rose
  • Microsoft Visio

3. Application Servers:
  • Apache
  • Tomcat 5.0
  • OC4J
  • Oracle 9i Apps Server
  • Resin 3.0
  • JBoss 4.0
  • Sun Application Server

4. Operating Systems:
  • Unix
  • Linux

5. Databases:
  • Mysql
  • PostgresSQL
  • Oracle
  • MSAccess
  • Derby

Some of the CyberTech System's application project portfolios

1. Struts:
Project: WebMeeting
Technologies used: JDK 1.5, EJB 2.0, Struts, Applet, Quartz, jboss-3.2.8.SP1, HSQL Database.
This application can be used as an internet as well as intranet web application to assist corporate firms to organize conferences.
Project: Adapter
Technologies used: JDK 1.5, Struts, Jsp, Jboss-3.2.8.SP1, Acegi Security.
This application can identify RFID Reader Events from low level gadgets and transfers them into standardized events that can be made accessible to other functions involved in RFID tag events.

Project: Analyzer
Technologies used: JDK 1.5, Struts, Jsp, Jboss-3.2.8.SP1, Web Services.
Analyzer will offer a basis for assembling, controlling and integrating RFID tag data with enterprise data.
Project: Bug Tracking Help Desk
Technologies used: JDK 1.5, Servlets and Java Server Page, Jsp, Tomcat, Firebird 2.0
This application is used to identify the bug status for diverse projects. Users of this software can register their bugs with the help of this software.

2. JBoss Seam:
Project: Compliance Asset Management System
Technologies used: JDK 1.5, Rich Faces, Hibernate, Jboss-3.2.8.SP1, PostgreSQL8.1.
This application minimizes the intricacy and bulky nature of fulfilling a number of industry's principles, privacy and government regulatory directives.

3. Google Web Toolkit:
Project: Campaigns
Technologies used: JDK 1.5, Spring, GWT (Google Web Toolkit).
This system allows the users to establish their campaigns by allocating the content for the campaign and enlisting subscribers to it.

Project: Community
Technologies used: JDK 1.5, Struts, Hibernate, Jboss-3.2.8.SP1, PostgreSQL8.1.
An online-community which is operated by like-minded individuals for sharing their views and information.

Project: Rating System
Technologies used: JDK 1.5, GWT, Hibernate, Ant, Spring, Open Flash Chart.
This application is used as a ratings platform that offers its users with varying benchmark ratings on various objects

Contact Details of CyberTech Systems:
CyberTech Systems
355, 19th 'F' Main
1st 'N' Block, Rajajinagar
Bangalore - 560 010, India
Phone: +91-80-23528135; 23528199 , +91-80-23126350
E-mail: [email protected]