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About the company

Eonour Technologies Ltd is a software solution provider located in Chennai, India. Started in 1992, Eonour provides comprehensive IT solutions for integrating business processes. The idea is to offer customers world class facilities with the best IT enabled solutions to give them a distinct edge over their competitors. The core competency areas of Eonour are Enterprise Application Integration and Supply Chain Management. The services offered by Eonour Technologies Ltd have a unique client approach strategy. The approach involves sensing the client requirement and examining the business accordingly. Based on the requirement, competitive strategies are designed fro giving them benchmark solutions which will give them an edge over others.

International Alliances

Eonour Technologies Ltd has tied up with a number of overseas companies that are renowned in the field of making software. Some of the companies with which Eonour Technologies has an alliance are ATIIT Pvt Ltd, Akela, Romania, Komputer Wisman, Brunei and Brecon Technology, UK. The company also has an alliance with the University of Pune. The company's tie up with the university involves training and joint product development in the field of bioinformatics.


Eonour makes products that include a variety of features for their customers to implement in their business. Some of the products are described below:

Dealer Network Automation also known as DNA is a product that integrates and automates dealership oriented industry. The inventory feature of this software allows the user to know about the status and movement of stock and order information and advanced material planning. The sales management feature enables analysis of various factors such as sales, customer purchases and product usages; all this can enable the customer to take better market decisions. Other features of the product include:
  • Hire Purchase/Credit
  • Pay Roll
  • Management Information System
  • Service after Sales
  • Accounts Management System
  • Employee Information System

The Channel Management Solution or CMS automates and streamlines the working of any distribution based organization. This system is made by making use of the latest Microsoft .Net platform; here the link to the white paper is kept with Eonour Technologies. This web based solution has been providing excellent services to dealers of the automobile industry. The main modules that are implemented at the channel partner's end include Sales Management, Customer Relationship Management, MIS System and Inventory System. Structured market intelligence that can be delivered by the system consists of:
  • Sales Performance
  • Lead Conversion Performance
  • Trends in Market
  • Comparative Performance of Products/Services
  • Performance of Dealers
  • Performance of the OEM

Electronic Online Exchange or EONX is a real time scalable system exclusively designed for online trading. The software can automate the whole operations of a regional stock exchange. It can also be customized for any type of automated order matching system. The trading sessions of EONX consist of Pre-Opening Session, Opening Session, Normal Trading Session and Closing Session.

e-Procurement or e-proc is a solution which automates the whole process of procurement in any industry. This web based solution matches the internal requirement with the external resources. The features of this application include selection of goods and services by getting chosen vendor catalogue content online, request for quotation to and from short-listed vendors and shipment advice besides other features.

Eonour Technologies Ltd Customers

The customers for Eonour Technologies Ltd include:
  • L&T - LTM Business Unit
  • Amudham Dairy Product (Pvt.) Ltd
  • Kinetic Engineering Limited
  • Hero Honda Motors Limited
  • Amara Raja Johnson Controls
  • Lucas-TVS
  • PentaDaewha Auto Parts Limited
  • Guangdong Electronics Import and Export Corporation
  • Tamil Nadu Raffles Department

A3-1, Vijayaraghava Manor
No.1, Vijayaraghava Road
Chennai 600 018
Tel: 91 44 4261 8012
Fax: 91 44 4215 2715
Email: [email protected]