Digital Globalsoft

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Digital Globalsoft is one of the well known digital companies in India which offers highly specialized digital and technological solutions in the field of financial services, automotives, pharmaceutical services, manufacturing and marketing segments and so on. The dedicated management and workforce at Digital Globalsoft take utmost care to fulfill the needs and demands of the client and deliver the work in quick time.

Growth of Digital Globalsoft

By offering specialized support and services, Digital Globalsoft helps its clients to grow at a steady pace even in this highly competitive market. In addition to this, the company also has its own products and autonomous services which also help it to grow steadily and reap in good profits to sustain the market. Due to its wonderful services, the clients feel confident to work with the company.

The skilled and dedicated workforce of Digital Globalsoft work in a flexible, professional and competitive environment which hones their talents and motivates them to produce the best according to the changing trends of the market. Some of the well known clients who work with the company are:
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Bharat Petroleum
  • Glaxo SmithKline
  • Tiffany and Co.
  • Cendant
  • BMW
As recognition for its professional outlook and wonderful services, Digital Globalsoft has been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards. It was been awarded with Excellent in Digital Printing for its great work and solutions. It has also been the proud recipient of the Gold International Award of Excellence for consumer relationship while the Medical Marketing Association has also given it the highest award.

Products and services of Digital Globalsoft

The specialized solutions offered at Digital Globalsoft are mainly based on the following work process:
  1. The knowledge and expertise to offer strategic solutions and mid level management program and also provide tactical support
  2. The expertise to create, integrate and market the brand according to the needs of the client and the business trends.
Some of the well known solutions and services that are offered by Digital Globalsoft are:
Marketing on demand: The main purpose of this is to identify the target market for the clients and have maximum reach and reception with minimum costs. On behalf of the client, the company identifies the market and makes effective use of the resources to get the best results. Some of the solutions offered in this field are:
  • Multiwave communication
  • Coupon validation
  • Market segment demographic behavior profiling
  • Program management support
  • Database design
  • Rebate programs
  • Collateral production
  • Match mailing
  • Global distribution services
  • Binder and kit component assembly
  • PURLs (Personalized URLs)
  • Call center and BPO services
  • Database cleansing
  • Database management
  • Variable integration template creation
  • Digital asset management
  • Storage management
In case of relationship based marketing, Digital Globalsoft is also a known name for its specialized solutions. The services offered in the company provide high quality one to one customer relations and communications as well as loyalty programs to get the customer satisfaction.

The company is also a leader in providing cutting edge web enabled services according to the clients' needs and preferences. Some of the well known services consist of:
  • Effective usage of storage and management
  • Creation of easy to access web platforms
  • Quality content control
  • High quality process management
Another specialized solution offered by Digital Globalsoft is the eBOSS digital service. It is a high end solution which combines together a number of solutions such as packaging, logistics, and coordination and so on. The service also includes emphasis and focus on the quality of the content and the presentation of techniques.

Career at Digital Globalsoft

Starting a career at Digital Globalsoft is a great experience. There are lot of posts and positions in which one can work and climb up the ladder of success. One can also get good perks and increments according to the performance.