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DSQ Software is one of the premier companies in the field of software development and technological solutions. The high class products and services offered by the company are meant for total customer satisfaction and comfort. The end-to-end solutions offered by DSQ Software along with the professional atmosphere make it one of the top rated IT companies in India.

Company History

Since its inception in the year 1992, DSQ Software has crossed a glorious span of 17 years to make itself a known name in the software and technology field in the country. The headquarters of the office is located in the city of Chennai. It is a publicly listed company and offers consulting services in various IT related segments. The company has formerly known as Square D Software Ltd during its period of inception. It was in the year 1997 that it changed its name to DSQ Software.

The highly skilled workforce of the company works with total professionalism to provide the best of solutions and services to the clients as per the needs and preferences. The management takes strategic decisions regarding the company operations and other factors in a flexible and work oriented manner. The management also puts utmost emphasis on the aspect of employee satisfaction and utilizes the professional environment in the most positive manner. The client base of DSQ Software area spread over various parts of the Asia Pacific region.

Products and services

The main focus of DSQ Software is to provide high end technology and software solutions in a number of areas and cyber industry segments. The main applications and workings of the company have a main focus on various specialized services such as mid range computer applications, CAD, telecommunications and other areas of internet and similar domains. The human resource of the company works with dedicated, precision and timeliness to provide the best of services to the clients’ needs.

The products and services offered by the company can be categorized according to the applications and the needs of the industry. The strategic business units of the company cater to the needs and preferences of the clients. Some of the well known strategic business units of DSQ Software include:

  • High quality enterprise solutions and applications
  • Electronic and internet business solutions
  • GIS/ CAD/ CAM applications
  • Information Technology infrastructure and support applications
  • Other quality IT solutions
The products and services of DSQ Software are customized enough to provide the best of solutions in a number of sectors and industry segments such as:
  • Healthcare services
  • Information Technology and Information Technology enabled services
  • Telecom and networking services
  • Logistic services
  • Government services and utilities

In addition to these, the company also offers specialized solutions and products in the domains of banking and financial services.

Career at DSQ Software

To climb up the ladder of success, one can opt to work in DSQ Software. The pay package and the benefits offered in the company are based according to the industry standards and offer high degree of satisfaction.

'DIL Complex', Ghodbunder Road,
Thane (West) – 400 610, India