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About Aftek Ltd.

Aftek Limited or Affordable Teknology Limited, a company dealing with technology services, has gained remarkable exposure to varied technologies in the country of India over the past 20 years.

Rich technological expertise, focused research and development along with industry exposure have made the company deliver quality products and reach beyond the fundamentals of I. T. (Information Technology) services. Specialized in end-to-end services, client from varied industrial sectors are provided with end-to-end solutions by this company of India. Their service spectrum includes the key services like application maintenance, application development, firmware development, hardware development and testing services. In spite of being one of the famous companies in the field of I. T. services in the country, this company caters to the needs of each and very customer in a flexible and personalized manner. With an aim towards delivering ownership and building strong customer bonding, Aftek forms an actual development partner of the customers.

Visions of Aftek

Following are the visions of Aftek:
  • Be an international leader in delivering enterprise solutions and products for business management
  • To make I. T. available to clients at an affordable price through quality management and continuous innovations

Some of the unique features of this company are as follows:
  • Approaches every work with creativity and passion
  • Tries to satisfy customers with excellent team work
  • Believes in measuring their success from customer satisfaction

Products and Services offered by Aftek Ltd.

Headquartered at Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, this company provides a huge range of services and products. Some of the main ones are categorized below:
  1. Embedded Systems: A few of the key applications of this Mumbai based company are given below:
    • Car Infotainment
    • Chat Applications (Both audio and video)
    • Compact Electronic Reader or Secured Storage Device
    • Media Player (Portable)
    • Multimedia Gateway
    • Network Projector
    • Protocol Converter
    • Video Door Phone
    • Video Phone
    • Video Surveillance
  2. Hardware Engineering: With a range of hardware applications like analog applications, validation systems for semiconductor chip, board design systems, ADC (Analog - Digital Converter), DAC (Digital - Analog Converter), audio and video interfaces and many more, this company of Mumbai has proved themselves to be a one-stop shop to their clients.

  3. I. T. Services: This company is prominently involved in web applications and software development. To name a few of their products are:
    • Constro 2007
    • Fingerprint
    • Indsearch
    • Sanvedana
    • Table Top Media
  4. Solution Factory:Apart from Android and CRM offerings, following are some of the well known products of this company:
    • Access Control (CAMS)
    • Aftek SpyGuard
    • AmSecure (Device Security Solution)
    • Depot Manager
    • Digital Home Gateway
    • Interactive Voice Response System
    • Intelligent Transport System
    • Mine Logistics
    • Powersafe (Power Management)
    • Protocol Converter
    • Risk Analyzer
    • Secure Home Gateway
    • TestJig
    • Vehicle Tracking System
  5. Testing Services: The Quality Control Unit of this company, with the help of the following kinds of testing services, offers a high quality cost effective products:
    • Application Testing
    • Mobile Testing
    • Embedded Testing
  6. Two of the most unique innovations of this company are In house Automated Tool and Lab View.

  7. Video Analytics: Aftek serves the nation through its different systems of identifying materials, which are featured with techniques of image processing and Smart Attendance Monitors that are featured with face recognition and detection techniques.

  8. Wireless Systems: The company excels in different kinds of wireless services, some of which are mentioned below:
    • Bluetooth
    • GPRS or GSM
    • GPS
    • RF devices
    • VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
    • Wireless Camera
    • Wireless Phone
    • Wireless T. V.
    • ZigBee

Present Performance of Aftek Ltd.

As per the un-audited result of the Quarter 2, which ended on 30th September of the current year, the net operational income or sales of the company was INR. 3, 060.78 Lakhs. The net income of the previous quarter of 2011 was INR. 3, 065.58 Lakhs though. The total expenditure of the company increased from INR. 2, 637.60 Lakhs to INR. 4, 325.85 Lakhs in Q 2 of the financial year 2011 - 2012 from Q 1 of the same financial year though. However, as per the report, the net profit of the last quarter lies at INR. 668.14 Lakhs as compared to this financial year’s Q 1, when the company had a net profit of INR. 401.54 Lakhs.

Head Office Address of Aftek Ltd.

The postal address of the Aftek’s corporate office is mentioned below along with their contact telephone number:
  • Aftek House
    265, Veer Savarkar Marg
    Shivaji Park, Dadar
    Mumbai - 400 028
    Maharashtra, India.
    Tel.: + 91 – 022 – 24454016

Last Updated on 12/5/2011

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