Software Company Jobs

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The software industry has developed the world over. This has called for higher employment opportunities in this sector. This article analyses the factors that have contributed to the expansion in software jobs in the world and then throws light on the software jobs in India in particular.

Effect of Globalization on Software Company Jobs

With globalization, the restrictions imposed on the software companies to enter the global market have been removed. This has created an employment market for the IT sector that is purely international. The IT giants of US have expanded their services to other countries, thereby absorbing higher workforce. The skilled workforce is also eligible to apply as computer technicians in US and Canada.

Effect of Outsourcing on Software Company Jobs

Together with globalization, outsourcing has also played an important role in employment expansion in the IT industry. Outsourcing also requires expertise in IT. Again there are companies that are based in US but work with companies, which outsource and work with IT professionals working overseas. This is basically, a cost effective measure for companies that are unable to set up separate IT departments.

Software Company Jobs In India

It is estimated that the Jobs in Software Industry in India will reach the 1.5 to 2 million mark by 2008. This would imply a compound annual growth rate by 40%. This is in sync with the business expansion of the software services companies in India. The revenue growth of Wipro and Infosys by 40% and 36% along with its expansion in the workforce by 46% and 35% respectively proves this point.

It is expected that IBM and Accenture would add 15,000 more offshore India Software Company Jobs by next year-end. According to the AMR Research, the headcount requirement in the US IT sector would grow by 7 lakh workers phased out over the next five years. So, it is clear that since the IT employment in India is also booming, the new jobs created in US would be filled by India itself. Not only that, about 8 lakh jobs would be outsourced to India. Owing to this mass scale outsourcing US is predicted to suffer job losses in the IT sector.

The following graph depicts the employment trends in the IT sector in India. It is analyzed over the years 2004-2007.

From the above line graph it is clear that the employment in the Information technology services and the IT enabled services witnessed a sharp rise over the years 2004- 2007 and is expected to grow further. The domestic market has shown a stagnant growth. This trend can be attributed to the rise of outsourcing in countries like US and Canada as well as the expansion of business lines of IT giants across the world.