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About HDFC Bank

The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited, popularly called HDFC Bank, was set up in India in the month of August in the year 1994 with the name “HDFC Bank Limited”. This was the 1st organization to be approved by R. B. I. (Reserve Bank of India) to establish a private sector bank. This happened as a part of the liberalization of the banking industry in the country by R. B. I. in the same year.
However, this scheduled business bank started its operations mainly from January, 1995. Headquartered in the city of Mumbai, this is one of the main companies involved in housing finance. With an aim to be a world class bank, this bank in India holds a good track record of performance in both national as well as global markets. The bank had a India network of 684 branches in 316 cities in India and over 1663 ATM's.


Products and Services of HDFC Bank

NRI Banking

This banking service includes opening of accounts, deposits, insurance, investments, money transfer, loans as well as premium banking. These products are mainly meant for people earning outside India.

Personal Banking

The personal banking service can again be sub-divided into the heads:
1. Accounts and Deposits: The bank offers different kinds of accounts to be opened with them like current accounts, demat or dematerialized accounts, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, safety lockers, salary accounts and savings accounts.
2. Cards: They have got credit, debit as well as prepaid cards of varied advantages, which are widely used by people.
3. Insurance and Investment: This service offered by the bank includes mutual funds, life insurances, tax saving options, general insurances, health insurances, bonds etc.
4. Loans: HDFC Bank provides loans for multi categories such as car (New and used), commercial vehicle, education, gold, home, personal, retail-agriculture, tractor, two wheeler and many more.
Apart from these major services, personal banking of this bank includes many other services, some of which are mentioned below:
1. ATM
2. Forex Services
3. Insta Alerts
4. Mobile Banking
5. Net Banking
6. Phone Banking

Wholesale Banking

This is mainly meant for banking transactions carried on by the different government sectors, medium and small sized enterprises, corporate companies and varied other financial trusts and institutions. Investment banking is even a part of wholesale banking.

HDFC Bank Mortgage services

Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Bank Mortgage Service is leader in the Indian mortgage market at present with the State Bank of India (SBI) following the lead. The total worth of the India Mortgage Market presently is nearly US $ 18 billion. The gross domestic product to mortgage ratio in India is very low in comparison to other developed countries. The ratio in the foreign countries ranges from 25% to 60% whereas in India the ratio is 2.5%. The India Mortgage Market is showing fast growth in the past few years. The foremost players in this sector are the finance corporation but presently the commercial banks are also started playing an important role in the development and growth of the India Mortgage Market.

Objectives of the Mortgage Service

  • To provide the customer with the best possible services
  • To focus on cost management and management of gains
  • To put emphasize on the quality of the credit and advance in form of mortgage loan

The salient features of the of HDFC Bank Mortgage service

  • The mortgage based loans provided in order to acquire real estate for commercial purposes, and as working capital
  • The funding is done upto 3/4 of the cost of the project and the balance is the customers contribution
  • The documentation is minimal
  • The customer has to provide collateral securities against the loan
The main purpose of HDFC Bank Mortgage service is to provide easy access to refinancing, renovating or owning commercial real estate through the disbursement of loans against mortgages. The HDFC Bank Mortgage service also provide mortgage based loans as working capital. The HDFC Bank Mortgage service is provided against presentable security such as residential house or apartment, industrial property, urban commercial complex, possessed in the name of the receiver of the loan. The security such as rented house can be accepted if the same property is on a lease and the person should also have the authority to collect the rent under the power of attorney.

HDFC Bank Mortgage services

  • Debt consolidation service
  • Home equity loans
  • New home loans
  • Latest mortgage quotes
  • Mortgage refinancing
  • Real estate lending

Mortgage Refinancing scheme

Refinancing scheme allows the customers to takeout a second mortgage in order to repay the first mortgage. This also provides the customer with the advantage of low interest rates. The benefits of refinancing are

  • Reduction in the sum of the monthly payments of the customer
  • Reduction in the total sum of interest customer pays throughout his life for his loan
  • Reduction in the term period of the loans so the customer may payoff their loan faster

HDFC Personal Loans

HDFC Personal Loans have been designed by HDFC Bank to suit personal requirements of individuals like marriage,holiday, education,purchase of any expensive commodity or any such anticipated or unanticipated monetary involvement.
HDFC Bank,India, announced the arrival of the new generation, technology driven commercial banks in India. HDFC Bank in India was set up in August 1994 with the approval of Reserve Bank of India. The bank was promoted by Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited, a premier housing finance company of India (set up in 1977).

Benefits of HDFC Personal Loans

  • Loans up to Rupees one million for any purpose.
  • Flexible Repayment Options ranging from 12 to 48 months.
  • Repayment through Easy Monthly Installments (EMIs).
  • Low Rate of Interest
  • Hassle free loans - No guarantor/security/collateral required
  • Speedy loan approval
  • Service at the customer's doorstep

Further, there are additional privileges for HDFC Bank account holders like:

  • Special rates of interest.
  • For existing Auto Loan customers with a clear repayment of 12 months or more from even any of the approved financiers of HDFC Bank, a hassle free personal loan without income documentation can be obtained.
  • For existing HDFC Bank Personal Loan customer with a clear repayment of 12 months or more, personal loan can be enhanced. .

HDFC Personal Loans can be availed by the following groups of professionals:

  • Salaried Individuals
  • Self Employed Individuals
  • Self Employed Individuals in private companies and partnership firms in manufacturing,trading or services

Each of the above groups of professionals encounter a specific set of criteria for sanction of loan. They are also required to present a specific set of document.

The fees and interest charges are liable to variation from one individual to another according to parameters like:

  • Financial Status of the personal seeking loan
  • His/her years of service left (in case of salaried individuals)
  • Position of business (in case of self employed individuals)
  • Valuation of Collateral Security provided by the loan seeker

However, all the conditions mentioned above are subjected to the sole discretion of the concerned authorities of HDFC Bank and are liable to vary from one person to another.

HDFC Home Loans

Home Loans offered by HDFC Bank encompasses a wide range of loan options which are subject to various parameters like term of loan, financial status of the individual seeking loan and the purpose of loan. Owing to these diversifications, HDFC Home Loans have grown in popularity over the years.
HDFC Bank,India, announced the arrival of the new generation, technology driven commercial banks in India. HDFC Bank in India was set up in August 1994 with the approval of Reserve Bank of India. The bank was promoted by Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited, a premier housing finance company of India (set up in 1977).

Loans for Resident Indians:

With HDFC Home Loan, one can buy a self-contained flat in an existing or proposed co-operative society, in an apartment owner's association or even an independent single-family or multi-family bungalow anywhere in India.
HDFC Home Loans are easy to arrange and can be customized according to the individual's needs and repayment capabilities.

  • This category can be further subdivided into:
  • Home Loans
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Home Extension Loans
  • Short Term Bridging Loans
  • Land Purchase Loans
  • Professional Loan or Loan for Non-residential Premises
  • Home Equity Loan

Loans for Non Resident Indians

Like Resident Indians, HDFC Home Loans feature similar categories of loans for Non Resident Indians as well. They include:

  • Home Loan
  • Home Improvement Loan
  • Home Extension Loan
  • Land Purchase Loan

Advantages of HDFC Home Loans

  • An individual can undergo a Home Loan Counseling where HDFC shares its experiences of providing Home Loans for 29 years.
  • Wide range of products which offers multiple choices to an individual to choose the loan plan that suits him/her the best.
  • Multiple Repayment Options gives a customer a wider scope of repayment according to his/her financial situations.
  • Wide network of financing also enables the individual to get his/her loan sanctioned from a place of his/her choice and also pay the installments duly no matter where he/she is.

HDFC Auto Loan

HDFC Bank Plans for four wheelers

HDFC Bank offers a number of unique plans for four wheelers to its customers they are as follows:

  • No Income-Document Loan Plan: This car loan scheme offered by HDFC bank does not require one to provide any proof of income and offers a car loan up to 60% of the car invoice value
  • 100% Loan Plan with Fixed Deposit Lien: This plan facilitates you to take a car loan against your deposit at HDFC Bank. You can get a loan of 100% of the invoice value of the deposit and you can repay in installments separately or through your deposit of it is large enough.
  • NRI Loans: NRI's can avail new car loans which could be used by their relatives in India, this loan would however require some specific documents like contract copy and salary slip of NRI, endorsement on passport for last 3 years, proof of ownership of property and post-dated cheques that must be from the resident account of the borrower.
  • Past re-payment history: This plan is for customers who have already taken a car loan earlier and have paid it successfully.
  • Approval Plan: This loan is meant for people who have an HDFC Bank Preferred Account or a Corporate Salary Account with HDFC Bank for more than six months, they get the benefit of fast approvals on their car loans with minimum documentation.
  • A general overview of the terms and conditions one has to fulfill if taking a car loan from HDFC Bank.
    New CarUsed Car
    Loan TypeTerm LoanTerm Loan
    Ex-Showroom/On RoadEx-ShowroomEx-Showroom
    Loan AmountMin ` 50,000Min ` 50,000
    Max ` 90,000Max ` 70,000
    TenureMin. - 12 Yrs.Min. - 12 Yrs.
    Interest Rate12.75%16.00%
    Time to Process Loan2 days2 days
    Preferred ManufacturersMarutiChevorlet, FIAT, Ford, General Motors India

    Two wheeler loans offered by HDFC Bank

      The two kinds of loans that HDFC Bank provides for two wheelers are :

    • Fast Track Loans: This is a spot approval loan with loan amount up to 70% of the cost of the vehicle with minimum interest rates
    • Easy Loans: This great scheme offers loan up to 85% of the cost of the vehicle with minimum documentation. The only document required would be a substitute income proof which could be a copy of the credit and credit card billing statement for the last two months, a repayment track record or a bank statement of the last three months.
    Special features of the above two wheeler loans options are:
    Flexible repayment options, quick and hassle free loan approvals, loans available for almost all models of two wheelers with attractive interest rates and loan processing fees which not exceed ` 600 Eligibility The applicant should be either salaried or self employed, he should be between the age of 21 -65 with a minimum gross annual income of ` 54,000 if he is a resident of a metropolitan city, and ` 42,000 for any other city, he should have a phone in his resident and he has to be residing in that particular city for the past 1 year. 
    Documentation Any identity proof like Passport, Credit car, Voters ID card, Driving License or PAN card Documents stating address proof like Passport, Credit car, Voters ID card, Driving License, Telephone Bill, Electricity bill, Gas Connection  Bills or Ration Card etc And proof of salary
    A table representing the loan amount and rate of interest by HDFC Bank for two wheelers.
    Loan TypeLoan AmountRate of interest
    Fast TrackUpto 70% of the cost of two wheeler15.00%
    Easy LoansUpto 85% of the cost of two wheeler15.00%

    HDFC Credit Card

    HDFC India Credit Card like many other cards of various companies enables its user to buy an expensive commodity now and pay later in parts. HDFC Bank Credit Card also relieves its user from the risk of carrying hefty cash to make a purchase.
    The merits of owning a credit card is known to most, especially those in urban areas of India. HDFC Bank , India offers a host of credit cards, each designed for a specific purpose and usage of a particular income group.
    The HDFC India Credit Card can be broadly classified under the following categories:

    • Classic Card
    • Special Benefit Card
      • Value Plus Credit Card
      • Health Plus Credit Card
    • Premium Card
      • Gold Credit Card
      • Titanium Credit Card
      • Woman's Gold Card
      • Platinum Plus Credit Card
    • Commercial Card
      • Corporate Credit Card
      • Business Credit Card

    The most popular HDFC Classic Card is the Silver Credit Card. It comes with the following features and benefits:

    • All-purpose credit card - The HDFC Bank Silver Credit Card can be used for the most common, financial requirements like shopping,eating out, holidaying, fueling vehicle and railway ticket reservations that are both anticipated and unanticipated.
    • Earn while spending - To induce its users, every purchase of ` 150 would attract 1 point as reward. These points can be redeemed for exciting gifts and offers.
    • Add on cards -Any user of HDFC Credit Card can get up to 3 add-on cards for your spouse, parents, siblings and children (over 18 years) and allow them to enjoy the many benefits of the HDFC Bank International Silver Credit Card.
    • Zero liability on lost card - In case the credit card gets lost, user can report it immediately to the 24-hour call center of HDFC Bank. This action would relieve the respective individual of liability on any fraudulent transactions that might occur against the lost card.
    • Wide acceptance - HDFC Bank Silver Card is accepted at over 110,000 merchant establishments across India and Nepal and close to 18 million merchant establishments around the world.

    Each and every category mentioned above has some unique facility to offer its user. Such facilities are extremely lucrative and assess the priorities of the individuals. This explains why HDFC Credit Cards are one of the most widely used credit cards in India.

    Awards won by HDFC Bank

    The following table provides information about some of the awards won by the bank in the current year:

    Sl. No. Name of AwardCategory
    1Asian BankerAsia Pacific’s strongest bank
    2Bloomberg U. T. V.'s Financial Leadership Awards, 2011Best bank
    3C. N. B. C. Television 18's Best Bank and Financial Institution AwardsBest bank
    4D. S. C. I. (Data Security Council of India) Excellence Awards, 2011Banking security
    5Dun and Bradstreet Banking Awards, 2011Best S. M. E. financing private bank
    6Euromoney Awards for Excellence, 2011Best Indian bank
    7Finance Asia Country Awards 2011: IndiaBest bank (General, cash management and trade finance)
    8Financial Express Best Bank Survey 2010 - 20111st in soundness and strength 2nd in private sector
    9I. B. A. Productivity Excellence Awards, 2011Private sector’s Channel Adopter (New)
    10I. D. C. – F. I. I. A. Awards, 2011Excellent customer experience
    11I. S. A. C. A., 20111st in I. T. security and governance

    Address and Contact Details of HDFC Bank

    Ramon House,
    169, Backbay Reclamation
    5th Floor, Mumbai – 400 020,
    Maharashtra, India.
    Tel.: + 91 – 022 - 22850032
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Official website:

    HDFC Bank Informational Data

    Name of Bank HDFC Bank
    No. of Offices 1400
    No. of Employees 52687
    Business per Employee (in ` Lakh) 446.00
    Profit per Employee (in ` Lakh) 4.18
    Interest Income (in ` Crore) 16332
    Other Income (in ` Crore) 3291
    Interest Expended (in ` Crore) 8911
    Operating Expenses (in ` Crore) 5533
    Return on Assets 1.28
    CRAR 15.69
    Net NPA Ratio 0.63

    Last Updated on April 24, 2015