The Nainital Bank Ltd.

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The Nainital Bank Ltd
Ranked among the premier private banks in India, the Nainital Bank Ltd offers customized banking and financial services to the customers across the country. From personal banking to short term and long term loans, the bank is a trusted name to avail different kinds of banking needs. More and more people across India are opting for the Nainital Bank Ltd to get the facilities and services of high standards.

Growth of the Nainital Bank Ltd

Since its inception, the Nainital Bank Ltd is steadily adding to its customer base and also coming up with new services for the convenience of the people. The head office of the bank is located at the Mallita region in Nainital in the state of Uttarakhand. There is also a regional office at New Delhi. Mr. Animesh Chauhan is the Chairman and CEO of the bank.

Today, the bank has around 88 branches in various parts across the country. All the branches coordinate with each other and work in a very professional manner to take care of the needs and preferences of the customers. The dedicated and skilled workforce of the bank is cordial and provides almost types of support that are needed for the assistance of the customers.

Product and services of Nainital Bank Ltd

The products and services offered by the Nainital Bank Ltd cater to the various segments of the society. The main objective of the bank is to provide the best of services to become a well preferred name in the high competitive banking industry. The main sectors on which the services of the bank are mainly concentrated are:
  • Personal banking services
  • Business banking services
  • Rural or agro based banking services
  • Technology related services
In case of the personal banking services, the Nainital Bank Ltd provides a number of financial solutions and benefits to the customers. The services offered by the bank help people to become financially stable through proper accumulation of funds. In addition to providing account schemes such as fixed deposits, current deposits and savings deposits, the bank also provides a number of flexible yet lucrative schemes like:
  • Apna Ashiyana scheme
  • Naini Sahyog scheme
  • Suhana Safar scheme
Due to the high class facilities and services, the corporate banking facilities of Nainital Bank Ltd are also gaining popularity among the big level corporate houses, offices and other business units. The business services of the bank cater to the business and marketing needs of the companies and help to be financially stable. Some of the well known business services offered by the bank consist of:
  • Working capital finance services
  • Retail business finance services
  • Project finance services
  • Long term and short term loan services
Rural and agro based services is one of the major areas of expertise of the Nainital Bank Ltd. The bank offers financial help and stability to the farmers and the rural people by providing short term and long term loans and credits for the purchase of seeds, pesticides and other agricultural equipments. In addition to these services, one can also avail some other services like collection services, electronic transfer services, locker services and so on.

The bank also uses the help of technology to offer better and upgraded facilities and services. Customers can also avail a number of services such as internet banking, ATMs, mobile banking services, TM branch inter connectivity services and so on.

The bank also uses the help of technology to offer better and upgraded facilities and services. Customers can also avail a number of services such as internet banking, ATMs, mobile banking services, TM branch inter connectivity services and so on.

The Nainital Bank Ltd is a pioneer bank that has its headquarters in Nainital, Uttarakhand. Over the years, the bank has emerged as a customer oriented bank and provides a wide range of products and services to its consumers. The Nainital Bank Ltd. loan is one of the services provided by the bank.

One can avail loans like the Nainital Bank Ltd home loan, the Nainital Bank Ltd education loan and the Nainital Bank Ltd car loan. Besides, there are loans for salaried class, doctors and businessmen. There is a scheme for traders, hoteliers, contractors, transport operators and small and medium enterprises.

Nainital Bank Loans

The Nainital Bank Ltd home loan can be availed by the eligible applicants. In the bank, the home loan is known as 'Apna Ashiana'. If one applies for a loan for an existing house, the repayment should begin after 3 months from the date of disbursement.

On the other hand, if one has purchased a house or a flat from a development authority, a society or a builder, then the repayment would begin after the execution of sale deed, or after possession, or after 18 months, whichever is earlier. However, if one has bought a piece of land or constructed a house, then the tenure of repayment should not exceed 20 years from the disbursement of the loan date.

The Nainital Bank Ltd car loan is known as 'Suhana Safar'. If one wants to purchase a car or a two wheeler, one can avail loan upto `15 lac for new and `5 lac for old car. With the car loan, one would be able to realize his dreams of owning a vehicle.

One can apply for the Nainital Bank Ltd education loan or 'Siksha' for upto `7.5 lac in order to study in India. Whereas in case of abroad studies, one can apply for a loan upto `15 lac. For a loan upto `4 lac, no guarantor is required. However, loan more than `4 lac and upto `7.5 lac requires guarantee and loan more than that requires collateral security of suitable value.

In order to get the Nainital Bank Ltd loan, one would need to apply in a standardized way. The loan application form can be downloaded from the official website of the bank. The form would include the application charges, refundable money (if the application is rejected), prepayment options and other interest of the recipient.

Along with the loan application form, one needs to submit the photocopy of all other relevant documents. However, any change in the service charges and interest rates would be posted on the website or in other print and other media.

Contact Address

Head Office
The Nainital Bank
Seven Oaks Building
Mallital, Nainital
Uttarakhand - 263 001
Ph No.:-05942-236138; 236195
Fax:- 05942-236939
Official Website:

Nainital Bank Informational Data

Name of BankNainital Bank
No. of Offices92
No. of Employees693
Business per Employee (in `Lakh)425
Profit per Employee (in `Lakh)6
Interest Income (in `Crore)209
Other Income (in `Crore)10
Interest Expended (in `Crore)116
Operating Expenses (in `Crore)39
Return on Assets1.68
Net NPA Ratio0

Last Updated on May 20, 2015