DBS Bank Ltd.

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DBS Bank Ltd. is one of the well known international banks which have their presence in India. It has become a well known name in the field of banking industry for its cutting edge facilities and services. More and more people and corporate firms across the world are opting to become customers of the DBS Bank Ltd in order to get greater returns and long term stability.

Growth of DBS Bank

The headquarters of DBS Bank Ltd is located in Singapore. It was established in the year 1968, the main aim of which was to provide development banking services and financial solutions. It was previously known as the Development Bank of Singapore Limited and in the year 2003, the name was changed into DBS Bank Ltd. In addition to the development purposes, the bank also used to serve as a regional bank and started operations likewise from July 2003.
Since its inception, the bank has been scaling new heights and today it has more than 200 branches. It is the largest bank in South East Asia based on the amount of assets. The bank is a known name in the segments of asset management, security and brokerage, treasury and market trading, equity trading and debt fund raising services and so on. The main markets are based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

DBS Bank Ltd has been provided with AA and AA1 credit ratings for its high standard services. The bank has branches in more than 50 cities and around 1,000 ATM counters. More than 14,000 people work in the bank and enjoy a successful career.

Indian presence of DBS Bank

DBS Bank Ltd also a strong presence in India due to its credible and professional approach. The bank first began its operations in the year 1994 in the city of Mumbai. The branch became fully operational in the year 1995. The bank established the second operational branch in the year 2005 at New Delhi. It also started a venture with Cholamandalam Investments and Finance Company Limited in order to introduce the Cholamandalam DBS venture in the market.
Today, the bank has its branches in 6 cities across the country like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, New Delhi and Pune.

Products and services of DBS Bank

The products and services of DBS Bank Ltd are based on a number of segments. The services are meant to provide high satisfaction and financial stability to the customers. Some of the facilities under which the services of the bank are based on are:

  • Wealth Management
  • Financial Institution Banking
  • NRI Services
  • Savings and Deposit schemes
  • Corporate Banking services
  • Treasures Priority Banking services

Corporate Banking is one of the major services that are offered by the DBS Bank Ltd. The services that are offered are based on the latest business trends and market values. Due to the wonderful services, more and more renowned corporate firms across India are opting to become customers of the bank. By being enrolled under corporate banking, one can enjoy a number of products such as:

  • Capital Market services
  • Cash Management services
  • Electronic Banking Services
  • Securities and Fiduciary Services
  • Trade Finance services

In case of enterprise banking, DBS Bank Ltd is also a well known name. The dedicated and highly professional team of banking and relationship managers provides utmost expertise and every type of information that customers wish to get. The bank also conducts research and development work in competitive way to know more about the latest trends of the market.

DBS Bank Ltd. Loans in India are offered mainly under the category of corporate banking loans and enterprise banking loans. DBS India belongs to the DBS Group Holdings Ltd., which is based in Singapore.

DBS Bank Ltd Corporate Loans

DBS Bank Loans in India are available for corporate financing. The major DBS corporate loans are enlisted below.

  • Short term loans
  • Long term loans
  • Trade financing
  • Working capital financing
  • Credit protection
  • Project financing

DBS Bank Ltd Corporate Loans under the head of Accounts Receivable Purchase or factoring include working capital financing, import and export factoring, credit protection, domestic factoring, management facilities for export and domestic receivable and import credit.
The bank's Accounts Receivable Purchase service is aimed at improving the cash flow requirement of corporate business houses. It facilitates an almost instant conversion of invoices into cash.
Apart from providing 'Insta cash' via its working capital facility the bank offers up to 100% credit protection for bad debts.
Import credit facilities of the bank allow its corporate clients to buy without any letters of credits on terms of open accounts. Import credit facilities save customers' considerable time and money. In effect it increases the purchasing power of customers. The bank also offers a wide array of ARP Financing terms.
DBS Bank Ltd. Loans are also available under the bank's enterprise banking schemes.
It may be noted that through enterprise banking DBS Bank Ltd., wishes to serve the financing needs of small and medium scale business enterprises. The bank offers a host of personalized banking solutions for these emerging business initiatives.

The credit facilities under enterprise banking involve the following :