Ratnakar Bank

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The Ratnakar Bank was established
Ratnakar bank
in the year 1943 in the month of August. In the year 1956, the bank is confer the rank of Scheduled Commercial Bank by the Reserve Bank of India. Ever since its establishment, the bank has been serving its customers with excellent services and facilities.

History of Ratnakar Bank

The Ratnakar Bank has its roots deep in history. The inception of the bank dates back to the pre- independence times. Various nationalist leaders joined hands together with the industrialists and conceptualized the beginning of the Ratnakar Bank. The idea was brought into reality by Mr. Babgonda bhujgonda Patil who was an eminent Advocate during that time along with Mr. Gangaram Siddhappa Chougule who was a famous merchant in Kolhapur.

  • Depository and Dematerialization
  • Venture Capital Fund
  • Merchant Banking
  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • Lease on Finance
  • Opportunities in Insurance & Investment
  • ATM Facilities
  • Drafts
  • Credit Counseling Services by BCSBI

Fixed Deposit:

  • Ratnakar Tax Saving Term Deposit Scheme 2006
  • Amrutkumbha Lakshadish Deposit
  • Kalpavruksha Nirantar Deposit
  • Payable Deposit Scheme on Monthly Interest
  • Cash Certificate
  • Reinvestment Deposit
  • Unit Deposit Schemes
  • Current Account
  • Protection for Bank Depositors
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Non-Resident External (Rupee) Account

Ratnakar Bank Loans

The Ratnakar Bank Ltd loans are offered to bank clients for a wide variety of requirements. The loans come with competitive interest rates. The Ratnakar Bank Ltd loans are also granted to the agricultural sector.

Car loans

The Ratnakar Bank Ltd car loans are granted to businesspersons, Professionals, Self employed persons, and persons working in the government and private sectors. Farmers are also eligible for car loans.

Educational Loans

The Ratnakar Bank Ltd education loans are given for educational purpose in India and abroad. Maximum quantum of loan for domestic studies is ` 7 lakh. For foreign education, the maximum is ` 15 lakh. No margin is taken by the bank for educational loans below ` 4 lakhs. Repayment period is a maximum of 7 years.

Commercial Credit Loans

It is ideal for businesspersons to meet their financial obligations.

Housing Loans

The Ratnakar Bank Ltd housing loans can be taken by salaried individuals, self-employed persons and businesspersons. The loan can be taken to construct a dwelling and purchase a flat. Maximum repayment period is 15 years.

Agricultural Loans

The Ratnakar Bank Ltd agriculture loans can be utilized by farmers to procure agricultural machinery like tractors, jeeps, trucks and power tillers. Margin money required is 20% of the total loan amount. The repayment period varies from 3 years to 5 years.

Consumer Loans

This loan is taken to purchase household equipment like refrigerator, TV and furniture. Margin money is 25% of the total loan amount. The maximum repayment period is 5 years.

Contact Details of Ratnakar Bank

The Ratnakar Bank Ltd.
Administrative Office:
'Mahavir', Shri Shahu Market Yard,
Kolhapur - 416005. Maharastra
Ph: 0231-2650981 to 984
Fax: 0231-2657386
E-mail: [email protected]
Official Website: http://www.rblbank.com/
Customer Care Service:1800 123 8040
Credit Cards Helpline : 1800 121 9050

Ratnakar Bank Informational Data

Name of BankRatnakar Bank
No. of Offices84
No. of Employees566
Business per Employee (in `Lakh)373
Profit per Employee (in `Lakh)5
Interest Income (in `Crore)138
Other Income (in `Crore)16
Interest Expended (in `Crore)74
Operating Expenses (in `Crore)33
Return on Assets1.96
Net NPA Ratio0.68

Last Updated on May 19, 2015