ING Vysya Bank Ltd

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The ING Vysya Bank Ltd is one of the well known financial organizations in India. It is applicable for both short term and long term financial solutions. It is mainly an entity or a venture which has been formed with the global financial giant ING of Netherlands. The ING Vysya Bank Ltd is a trusted name in the banking and commercial sector of the country.

Growth of the ING Vysya Bank Ltd

The ING Vysya Bank Ltd was established in the month of October in the year 2002. The bank came into existence when the Vysya Bank Ltd went into a venture with global financial giant ING. Vysya Bank Ltd was one of the first private sector banks in the country and was set up in the year 1930. The main objective of setting up the bank was to provide financial support to the various sectors of the economy. In the year 1948, the Vysya Bank was listed among the Scheduled Banks.

In order to increase its profit and add to its operations, the Vysya Bank Ltd merged with ING. Currently, it is one of the well known banks in the country and has around 677 branches across various parts of the country. The headquarters of the bank is located in the city of Bangalore. Among the total number of branches, there are 407 regular branches, 28 satellite offices, 39 extension counters. The number of ATMs is around 203 which are expected to increase within the next few years. The deposit of the bank amounts to around ` 204980.00 millions while the net worth is around ` 14260.00 millions. The profits of the bank amount to around ` 1569.00 millions.

Products and services of ING Vysya Bank Ltd

Being a well known name in the domain of financial and banking services in the country, the ING Vysya Bank Ltd has come up with a number of financial solutions and services in a number of areas. Some of the well known segments in which the bank offers customized and specialized services are:
  • Accounts and deposits
  • Short and long term loans
  • Private banking
  • NRI services
Personal Banking:
The personal banking department of ING Vysya Bank Ltd offers high quality services and solutions to cater to the financial needs and preferences. The high end solutions make them a one stop organization to fulfill the needs and requirements of the customers. Some of the well known services offered in the segment of personal banking are:
  • Mutual Funds
  • Tax Savings Bonds
  • Savings Account
  • NRI Services
  • Credit & Debit Card
  • Internet Banking
  • Phone Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Self Banking
  • Term deposits
  • Demat accounting
  • Wealth management
  • Debit and credit card accounting
  • Payment services
Wealth Management services:
The wealth management services of the ING Vysya Bank Ltd offers the best services in order to take care of the needs and preferences of the consumers in various wealth management sectors. The secure services offered by the bank also minimize the risk processes and also offer the best of returns.

In addition to these, ING Vysya Bank Ltd also offers business banking facilities and services of high standards. The services are meant to take care of the business needs and also provide high degree of financial stability to the various corporate organizations and business sectors. Some of the well known services that are offered include:
  • Long and term loans in the agro based sector
  • SME- Power Business account and loans
  • Financial market analysis
  • Market trading
  • Asset liability management services
  • Financial market sales
  • Cash management services
  • Corporate and investment banking services
  • Off shore borrowing services
  • Trade and community finance services
In addition to these, ING Vysya Bank Ltd also carries out research and development to add more stability to the Indian economic scenario. The customers are also given useful guidance about investing their assets and funds.

ING Vysya Bank Informational Data

Name of Bank ING Vysya Bank
No. of Offices 444
No. of Employees 6086
Business per Employee (in ` Lakh) 606.39
Profit per Employee (in ` Lakh) 3.03
Interest Income (in ` Crore) 2240
Other Income (in ` Crore) 548
Interest Expended (in ` Crore) 1590
Operating Expenses (in ` Crore) 772
Return on Assets 0.70
CRAR 11.65
Net NPA Ratio 1.23

Last Updated on May 26, 2015