Indian Businesses

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How does the Indian business scenario look now? And how was it few years back? The Indian business structure has definitely undergone a paradigm shift over the years - focusing mainly on industrialization. The wide varieties of Indian businesses definitely offer immense opportunities for the upcoming and the growing sectors.

The few important Indian Businesses are in the sectors of Automobiles, Auto Components, Aviation, Banking, Biotechnology, Cement, Financial Services, Food Industry, Gems and Jewelry, Healthcare, Information Technology, Insurance, IT enabled, Services, Media & Entertainment, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Retail, Steel, Textiles, Telecommunications, Tourism & Hospitality. With these numerous sectors on the bay, the scope of doing business in India has grown in magnitude.

Shift of Indian businesses

The Government has had a huge role in the transformation of the Indian Business scenario. To better the possibilities and take exhaustive advantage of the business opportunities, the Government has introduced major changes. This was in terms of macroeconomic reforms, tax reforms, finance reforms and relaxing the capital market.

It was till a certain point of time that the overseas businesses were restricted by a lot of means to get entry in India, in terms of money transfer, legal formalities and investment options. But then, to act as a defense of globalization, India went ahead in relaxing many of its reforms, regulations. It all revamped the Indian private sector, exchange control rules were easened, convertibility and trade reforms got relaxed and most importantly, the foreign direct investment (FDI) policies got revamped.

After all these relaxations, overseas companies started expressing more interest in the Indian Businesses. With a more liberalized process of Indian business, the number of businesses in India has grown manifold. It is at present that more MNCs are entering the Indian business scenario and as a result improving the scenario of Indian businesses by leaps and bounds.

Indian businesses and global meltdown

But the recent global meltdown has changed the ongoing scenario. The growth oriented objectives of Indian businesses changed over time and there was a stringent focus to achieve operational effectiveness. This change in strategy was for ensuring survival and all the different Indian businesses have undertaken various measures for achieving this. After all, every Indian business should aim at creating job opportunities to sustain the crisis black hole.

Factors leading to downturn of Indian businesses :
  1. Cash flow management
  2. Difficulty in forecasting results
  3. Maintaining employee morale
Steps to overcome this downturn :
  1. Cost reduction
  2. Reduction in working capital
  3. Optimization of supply chain
Keeping all these in mind, it surely assures that Indian businesses have a long way to go, if only the Government could relax more norms and investors, on the other hand, could leverage on those relaxed opportunities.