Madras Aluminum Co.

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Madras Aluminum Co. is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources and was established in the year 1965. The company is located in Salem city in Tamil Nadu where it has a large power plant. The company conducts activities such as smelting, refining, mining, and so on.

Products of Madras Aluminum Co.

Madras Aluminum Co. produces Ingots of E.C. and Alloy grade. The ingots vary in weight and use a wide variety of chemicals such as magnesium, chromium, iron, aluminum, and copper. Madras Aluminum Co. manufactures wire rods which serve as electrical conductors. These rods involve a complex production procedure involving rolling as well as casting. The diameter of the E.C. Grade rods measure 9.5 mm and the tensile strength varies between 9 to 14.5 kg per square millimeter. The length of the rod can be extended by 22% and the electrical conductivity is 61% whereas the coil weighs 1.80 to 2.20 MT. The alloy grade rods have a tensile strength that varies from 13-16 kg per millimeter and the minimum electrical conductivity is 55%. The weight of the coil is equal to the E.C. grade rods and can be lengthened by 12-16%. They also manufacture bus-bars of varied sizes and cross sections. These bus-bars are used in industries dealing in energy sources such as for the transfer of current.

Mining Activities of Madras Aluminum Co.

Madras Aluminum Co. is famed as the only aluminum smelting company in Tamil Nadu. The bauxite mines of Madras Aluminum Co. are located at Yercaud, Kodaikanal, and Kolli hills. The company takes the help of both, recent technological instruments and human labor. The layer of soil from the surface of the earth is initially removed with the help of shovel to locate the area which contains the ore. The ore is then taken out through blasting and drilling. The ore is then sorted to pick the best quality material. The good quality ore is then transferred to the Mettur Dam.

Refining Activity of Madras Aluminum Co.

Madras Aluminum Co. uses the Bayer method to produce Aluminum. The bauxite collected from mines is treated by first grinding and then soaking it in caustic soda. The end-product will contain sodium aluminates and small quantities of titanium, iron, and silicon as un-dissolved residues. Sodium aluminates are then separated from the un-dissolved residues which due to their weight reach the bottom. The Sodium aluminates are then moved to the precipitator and then little amounts of aluminum is added to it and kept there till it gets cold. The mixture is then transferred to a rotary calciner to make the mixture water-free so that powdered Aluminum can be obtained.

Smelting Activity of Madras Aluminum Co.

The Madras Aluminum Co. uses complex steps to transform alumina to Aluminum. Sodium Aluminum Fluoride solution dissolves alumina in a cathode and then electricity is made to passed through the mixture producing aluminum in the molten state which is then transferred to a furnace for casting.

Captive Power Plant of Madras Aluminum Co.

The power plant of Madras Aluminum Co. was established in the year 1999. This is a coal-based plant that uses 75 megawatts of power and the Chinese company, Shanghai Electric Co. provided the technical instruments to the company. The plant provides coal with low ash content and also produces power.

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