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Manugraph India was set up in 1972 in the state of Maharashtra to manufacture printing machines and associated accessories. Since then, it has been able to make its mark in the markets of Indonesia, Sweden, and the Middle East. The company offers excellent quality products at competitive prices.

Events at Manugraph India:

Manugraph India exhibited an impressive growth in the year 1982-83 and remained unaffected by the temporary economic recession in the global economy. To further its production process and to increase its profit ratio, Manugraph India joined hands with foreign companies to produce better quality web offset printers which ensured faster speed. The company suffered a setback when the sales of printing machines diminished with the reduction in the requirement of printing machines in the public sector after the import of printing machines from foreign countries was permitted by the government of India in 1983-84. However, the company was able to outgrow the setback with the development of Lirken-66-111 web offset machines in 1985-86 and ultimately managed to earn substantial profits in 1990-91.

Joint ventures of Manugraph India:

Manugraph India is undergoing a continuous process of development in its product quality through its joint ventures with foreign companies. Manugraph India's joint venture with Sonia offset AB from Sweden proved to be extremely successful in the Indian printing machine market, with the launch of the streamline printing machines series.

The company is all set to join hands with the foreign company Plamag to begin production of coroset machines. Manugraph India depends on VEB Polygraph Leipzing and Kovo of Czechoslivakia to upgrade the technical standards of its products. It has recently bought a Dauphin Graphic Machine worth Rs.86.40 crore.

Popularity of Manugraph India:

Manugraph India has grown in its popularity to such an extent that it presently produces the maximum number of 2x1 newspaper printing machines in India. The company caters to almost 70% of the needs of the Indian printing industry. The requirements of the market to add more facilities to the present printing machines, such as color and speed, has become a continuous source of impetus to the company to upgrade the quality of its products and standards. As a significant step towards improvement, the company has begun the production of machines that are capable of producing pages at the rate of 50,000 pages each hour.

Facts about Manugraph India:

Manugraph India has set up 2 production units which have a total of 830 segments for the development and production of latest printing machines such as CNC machines. These manufacturing units are based in Maharashtra, spread over an area of 32 acres of land, and are facilitated with latest technologies, new designs, and so on. The client base of the company includes Indian Express, Ananda Bazar Patrika, The Times of India, and Danik Jagran. The company is engaged in the production of sheet fed and web offset presses as well.

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