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McLeod Russel India is one of the most prominent companies in the tea market. The company is engaged in the production of tea with the help of its tea estates in Assam and in the Dooars. The company also looks after the marketing of its produce in the indigenous as well as foreign markets through various ways.

Setbacks suffered by McLeod Russel India:

McLeod Russel India showed improvements in the first half of 2006 when compared with the figures of 2005. The company suffered setbacks in 2005 on account of several reasons, including the fact that tea prices plummeted during that time. The increase in the cost of fuel also inconvenienced the company as it increased transportation costs. The loss suffered by the company at the stock exchange was also quite high at nearly ` 4.5 crore.

However, the company has been successful in arresting its losses as the prices of the products increased which helped to counterbalance the loss suffered due to lower prices. The loss of ` 5 per kg of tea, reduced to a loss of ` 2 for every kg. McLeod Russel India also gained out of the acquisition of Williamson Tea Company. After this acquisition, McLeod Russel India resorted to different ways to check the rising costs and they were invariably successful in their efforts - a fact that is reflected in the rise of the price of their stocks from Rs.72.35 in 2005 to ` 82.95 in 2006.

Recent performance of McLeod Russel India:

McLeod Russel India is looking forward to the acquisition of Doom Dooma Tea Company of Hindustan Lever Group which will prove profitable as the company's produce is apprehended to multiply manifold in the near future. The net sales figures of the company are delineating an impressive rise from ` 5094.85 million in 2006 to ` 6066.10 million in 2007. The cost of goods sold has also increased from ` 4843.62 million in 2006 to ` 5300 million in 2007, whereas the total income has grown from ` 5226.80 million to ` 6392.30 million. The income generated from varied sources showed a hike from ` 326.20 million in 2006 to ` 131.95 million in 2007.

Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)461
IndustryPlantations - Tea & Coffee
Profit after Tax(PAT)246.47
MCAP (Market Capitalization)2696.23

Facts about McLeod Russel India:

Eveready Industries India was taken over by McLeod Russel India in the year 2004 and McLeod Russel India presently owns 23 tea estates in Assam and 5 tea estates in West Bengal which covers an area of 18,650 hectares. It is engaged in exporting the tea produced from these tea estates to Holland, USA, Ireland, Middle East, UK, Japan, and Germany. The company is involved in the marketing of its tea produce in the indigenous tea market with the help of auctions. McLeod Russel India plans to join hands with the major players in the Indian packing industry to facilitate its growth. It has also considered proposals to contact the retailers who deal in the rural tea market. McLeod Russel India is looking forward to export its produce to the tea markets in Egypt and Russia as well.

Last Updated on 1/4/2012

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