Marg Constructions

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Marg Constructions is among the significant companies in the real estate sector of South India and it is actively engaged in anticipation of opportunities and providing solutions for infrastructural development. The company has already constructed special economic zones, malls, IT Parks, and ports.

New Development Projects of Marg Constructions:

Marg Constructions has several important projects on the anvil such as the Siruseri apartment developed in Chennai and the Karaikkal Port at Pondicherry. The company has been able to bring into play a combination of practical and artistic senses. It is famed for providing the best quality services at a comparatively short time frame.

Important Events at Marg Constructions:

Marg Constructions was created in 1992 and was included in the Madras Stock Exchange in the year 1995. The company, together with Housing & Urban Development Corporation, has presently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate the upgradation of infrastructure in the real estate sector.

Facts about Marg Constructions:

Marg Constructions is growing by leaps and bounds - a fact that is reflected in the amount of profit earned by the company in the year 2007, which was pegged at INR 1.42 billion. The company had also earned a profit of INR 602 million in 2006. It also showed an impressive 265 % rise in the rate of the net profit from INR 82 million in 2006 to INR 299 million in 2007, as indicated by the financial declarations of the company.

Significant Projects of Marg Constructions:

Marg Constructions plans to upgrade the standards of different sectors and therefore it is busy developing the special economic zone at Seekinakuppam, located at an equal distance from the cities of Chennai and Pondicherry. The reason behind the creation of this zone is to render infrastructural support to such sectors as Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled sector. This zone will offer scope for social interaction by creating buildings for residential purposes and will also incorporate self-operated businesses. Marg Constructions has developed 3 IT Parks, 2 of which are located at Old Mahabalipuram Road. The Mark Square covers an area of 1.79 acres including 240,000 square feet used for the offices of the different IT companies. Similarly, Digital Zone-I is posited in 1.85 acres of land comprising an area exactly equal to the Marg Square which is utilized for IT offices. The 3rd IT Park is strategically placed at the corridor of the IT sector of Chennai, at Mahabalipuram Road. The IT offices in this park cover an area of 216,000 square feet which is comparatively small in comparison to the other parks. However, the park as a whole exceeds the area of Marg Square as it covers an area of 1.8 acres.

Power Projects of Marg Constructions:

Marg Constructions is proud of its power projects that have delineated the company's capability to diversify their scope of activity and proved their skills in this particular sector. Some of such power projects will include Maharashtra based Enercon India Limited's power project constructed by the company, which generates 10.2 mega watt of power, the wind farm project in Karnataka which produces 6.25 mega watt of energy, the 3 projects in Andra Pradesh - one at Kadavakallu, the other at Kondameedapalli, and the third (the Tadapatri project) was accomplished in association with Netherland government and was done for RCI Power Limited. This was also a wind farm project constructed by Marg Constructions.

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