Real Estate For Sale in India

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Real estate for sale in India depends on the prospective buyers and sellers in the real estate market and this sector is overflowing with both, due to the recent surge that has come about in the Indian real estate sector.

The Indian real estate market is teeming with property transactions of all types. The demand for residential, commercial, retail, and recreational projects in the different cities of India have been soaring tremendously for the last few years.

The boom in the Indian real estate market, has reached great heights over the years and now, the value of domestic Indian real estate market is estimated to be around US$ 14 billion. The real estate for sale in India also depends on the flow of the FDI in the Indian real estate. In the current financial year, 2006-07, it is estimated that the total FDIs will be nearly US$ 8 billion and the share of FDI influx in the India Real Estate Market in 2007 will be about 26.5%.

The factors benefiting the real estate for sale in India are various - the new liberal policies adopted by the Indian government facilitating investments being just one of the many factors. As a result, many foreign investors are interested in investing in the real estate business in India. Apart from the influx of FDI in Indian real estate market, easy access to bank loans and higher earnings from high-end jobs are some of the other reasons for the increase in the volume of the real estate for sale in India.

Not only in the metro cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, real estate market in India is going great guns even in the A and B graded cities. IT, ITES, Business Process Outsourcing, industries related to auto-components, pharmaceuticals, apparels, chemicals, and jewelery are some of the sectors which have been responsible for the growth of the real estate in India.

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