Jobs In Real Estate India

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Even a few days back jobs in real estate in India meant that of a broker, laborer or mason. But in the recent times the real estate sector has made room for a wide variety of jobs ranging from investment bankers, marketing managers to supply chain distributors. Jobs in real estate are available in private as well as government organizations, which need employees involved in appraising, developing, merchandising and financing both residential and commercial real estate.

Reasons Behinds the Fast Growth of Real Estate in India

In the recent times there is growing consensus among the people that investment in real estate is very profitable. Again since the population of India is growing, the demand for real estate in India is always on the rise. The interest rate pertaining to housing loans is also low, that has further stimulated the growth of the Real estate sector in India. The growth of the real estate sector in India has fuelled the need for professionals in this field.

Job opportunities in Real estate in India

1.Jobs in real estate sector are available in commercial banks, insurance companies, property management firms, mortgage bankers, consulting firms etc.

The following types of job profiles exist in real estate industry

Residential Broker: The Residential Real Estate Broker helps in buying and selling of houses. For this one need to be well acquainted with real estate law, fair housing laws, local economics, upcoming government programs and mortgages.

Commercial Broker: The Commercial Real Estate Brokers deal with commercial properties like office buildings, warehouses and industrial parks that generate a lot of income. They are also responsible for making finance available to the customers.

Property Managers: The Property Manager’s role is to maintain the quality of the existing property so that it generates the highest yield in the long run.

Industrial or office brokers: The job of the Industrial Broker is to develop, sell and lease out property that is used in the manufacturing sector.

Land development: The job of the Land Developer is to transform land into profitable investment alternatives.

Job in Real Estate Appraising

The professionals involved in real estate appraisals perform the following valuation exercises:
Present Value
Book Value
Rental Value

Urban Planners: The job of the Urban Planner is to estimate the growth of the city in consultation with local governments together with civic groups. They also recommend physical changes so as to improve the growth rate.

Real Estate Counselors: Counselors take on the responsibility of offering advice to their customers in different real estate matters.

Real Estate Researchers: The job of the Real Estate Researchers is to collect data and interpret it. The information made available by them helps counselors, financers etc, in their work.

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