India Real Estate News

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The current news in the real estate sector shows that there is a positive trend in growth of real estate division of India which in turn is responsible for making a great impact on our economy.

India Real Estate News:

Fire Capital to invest in Housing Projects

One of the country's premier equity fund establishment which is concentrated on real estate sector of India plans to gain $100 million by investing in housing projects. The investment will be primarily in the states of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and the capital will be derived from the firm's existing investors in the U.S. Currently there is a large deficit in the housing needs of the country and to make this up India would at least need 30 million homes by 2012.

Indian Buyers reroute to Dubai to purchase property as prices are down

Buyers who desire to own an International property can turn their dreams to reality as prices in the realty sector in Dubai have been dropping since the last few years in comparison to cities like Mumbai. This rule comes as good news to property buyers because a couple of years back nationals from other countries were only allowed to rent property and not purchase it. But the only reservation to it is that foreign nationals can purchase property only in New Dubai region.

Bihar Housing Policy expectedly to be taken up by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)

The State Government of Bihar's housing policy may well be the yardstick for the BMC who are yet to hit upon a specific housing strategy for the Mumbai city. The Nitish Kumar's Government has certain specific guidelines set up by a civic body which is being alerted to the architects. There is no requirement to have any consent of any authority unless the specific rules are followed whose consent is required to pass on any housing project. The project thus stresses on the time saving policy which would not delay the housing projects in cities like Mumbai.

Large scale investment in the realty sector coming up India's way, thanks to Israel

Israel business players as Elbit Imaging and its ancillary Plaza Centers NV in the real estate domain have plans of investing USD 500 million to expand the real property sector. They are keen on a diversified project where the investment will be divided into housing, administrative centers and retail arena. The Elbit India Plaza Management Services is on the threshold of signing its opening venture in the residential division which will be a collaborative enterprise in Thiruvananthapuram on an 11 acre land area. Also another endeavor with Panchshil Realty is on the cards in Pune, which will have a shopping mall, retail hub and office space.

NRI's attracted to buy property in Mumbai; courtesy Hiranandani Group

The Hiranandani Group, a premier Mumbai based realty Sector Company recently in its gathering in Muscat, Oman could please the NRI's with its upcoming project called Rodas Enclave in Thane, India. The project aims to have 18 multi-storey apartments which will have world class facilities for recreation, amusement, health and fitness.

Kotak Realty Funds Group to launch fourth realty fund

Kotak Realty Funds Group, which is an arm of Kotak Bank, is targeting ` 600 crore via its fourth realty fund. It will be launched very shortly in the market. The fund will primarily invest in housing properties all across the country. It will have a green-shoe option of 100 crore.

Sebi to investigate two subsidiaries of the Sahara Group

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is all set to probe financial methods used to collect funds from investors by two enterprises of the Sahara Group namely; the Sahara India Real Estate Corp. Ltd and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation. The Sahara Group has challenged the apex regulatory body; the Sebi. But a recent court judgment has given SEBI the authority to verify the matter of optionally fully convertible debentures (OFCDs) which are currently used by the company.

India Property Fund to empower the real estate sector by ` 270 crore investment

India Property Fund which is a joint venture of the TCG Real Estate, a company of "The Chatterjee Group" and Vornado Realty Trust, an US based enterprise will be investing ` 270 crore in two housing projects in the Northern Capital Region and Mumbai. The investment will be divided as ` 150 crore and ` 120 crore each in the cities like Noida and Mumbai.

HDFC has a 23% rise in it's fourth quarter

HDFC records a 23% rise in its fourth section earnings due to good growth in the loan sector. Interest rates have been hiked but this factor couldn't prove to be a deterrent in the demand for home loans. Figures indicate the loan approval rate has increased by 24% to ` 75,185 crore and loan disbursement have risen by 20% to ` 60, 314 crore. Retail loans represented 67% of the loans taken.