Beverage Companies in India

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Beverage Industry Overview

The food processing industry in India has a total turn over of around USD 65 billion which includes value added products of around USD 20.6 billion. Coca cola, Pepsi, and Nestle are the leading beverage brands that have been ruling the Indian beverage market since past few decades. Among all the beverages, tea and coffee are manufactured as well as exported heavily in the international markets succumbing to the individual demands around the world.

The beverage industry in India constitutes of around USD 230 million among the USD 65 billion food processing industry. The major sectors in beverage industry in India are tea and coffee which are not only sold heavily in the domestic market but are also exported to a range of leading overseas markets. Half of the tea and coffee products are available in unpacked or loose form. Among the hot beverages manufactured in India, tea is the most dominant beverage that is ruling both the domestic and international market even today. The supply of tea and coffee is insurmountable in the Indian beverage industry.

The taste factor in tea varies according to the taste of individuals in different countries and the beverage companies in India manufacture the products in accordance with the taste of the individuals. For example, the inhabitants in the southern parts of India prefer dust tea whereas the inhabitants in the western part of India prefer loose tea. The Southern India also prefers coffee a lot. The production capacity of the total packaged coffee market is 19,600 tonnes which is approximately a USD 87 million market. The soft drink market such as carbonated beverages and juices constitutes around USD 1 billion producing 284 million crates per year. In the peak season, the consumption capacity reaches 25 million creates per month and during off season the same goes down to 15 million crates in a month. Pepsi and Coca cola are the two leading brands in the Indian market. The mineral water market in India is a USD 50 million industry and produces 65 million crates. Around 4.9 million crates is usually consumed each month but it rises to 5.2 million crates in the peak season.

About Beverage Companies in India

Fruit juices, pulp and concentrates, and sauces or ketchups are doing very well in the beverage market in India for the past few years. Various milk products, health beverages, beer, and country liquors have also been contributing largely in the rising demand of beverages in India. The leading beverage companies in India are also exporting various products especially tea and coffee to the international markets every year. Tea and coffee have registered an excellent growth in the Indian beverage market as these are the most preferred drinks purchased excessively around the world. Among all the leading beverage companies in India, Coca cola has accounted for a thriving growth since its inception. It occupies around 60 percent of the carbonated drink sector in the Indian beverage industry. Another predominant brand in beverages is Nestle India Limited which occupies 61.85 percent of the total Nestle S.A. Switzerland. The Nestle products are hugely exported to Russia apart from selling in the domestic market.

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