Carritt Moran & Co.

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Incorporated in the year 1877, Carritt Moran & Co has assumed importance in the tea auctioning business around the world. Carritt Moran & Co has set up its offices in the licensed Tea Auction Centers in India. TSAI Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, the group company of Carritt Moran & Co is chiefly involved in manufacturing and marketing the equipments required for tea producing activities.

Carritt Moran & Co was incorporated in the year 1877 and has gained the second rank in terms of tea auctioning across the globe.In its early stages, Carritt Moran was involved in various goods and services but later on shifted its focus from other commodities to entirely tea business during the last century.

Carritt Moran has its offices in all the licensed Tea Auction Centers in India. The correspondents have their presence in all the leading Auction Centers around the world. As the sale of coffee started witnessing an upsurge, the company also started off with another business as a coffee auctioneer of the India Coffee Trade Association. The group company of Carritt Moran known as TSAI Enterprises Pvt. Ltd largely deals with the manufacturing as well as marketing of various equipments required for the tea manufacturing activities. The equipments involved in tea manufacturing process are also used for blending and packaging of tea. This group also offers consultancy services in order to develop as well as carry out different projects of tea manufacturing in India and abroad.

Contact Details of Carritt Moran & Co-

Carritt Moran & Co. Pvt. Ltd.,
Carritt House, 9, R.N. Mukherjee Road,
E-Mail id: [email protected]