Karnataka Plantation Coffee

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Karnataka Plantation Coffee is a group of coffee growers who have been involved in the cultivation of Arabicas and Robustas exclusively found in India. Karnataka Plantation Coffee cultivates a wide range of coffee beans and also enhances the hereditary potential as well as physiology of the coffee plantation.

Karnataka Plantation Coffee at a Glance

Karnataka Plantation Coffee has been set up in the state of Karnataka as a group of coffee cultivators who have been engaged in cultivating Arabicas and Robustas of superior quality for more than hundreds of years.

The team working in the group of Karnataka Plantation Coffee is also involved in the activities carried out by plant physiologists, soil scientists and water management specialists. These highly efficient professionals have honed their skills in all these areas over the past few years. The main objectives of Karnataka Plantation Coffee largely include analyzing and enhancing the hereditary potential and physiology of the coffee plantation, maintaining the fruitfulness and fertility of the soil where the coffee beans are planted, introducing advanced processes of growing coffees and optimizing the input and output ratio of the land by increasing production level and cutting down on the cost structure.

Products of Karnataka Plantation Coffee

India is well-known for growing green beans which are not found anywhere around the world. Robustas and Arabicas are grown with special care in India. These are grown at a height of around 2,500-5,000 ft. The Robustas and Arabicas are mainly hand-picked ones after which they are sorted, shade-grown, naturally fermented, wet-processed and patio-dried. India therefore boasts of growing Arabicas and Robustas.

Some of the coffee beans grown by Karnataka Plantation Coffee:

  • Thogarihukal Estate Prakriti
  • Mandelkhan Estate Sanskriti
  • Mallali Estate Amrita
  • Sethurman Estate Nirali
  • Karnataka Plantation Coffee Anokhi

Robustas cultivated by Karnataka Plantation Coffee:

  • Sitara
  • Kaveri
  • Robusta Peaberry

The offerings of Arabicas by Karnataka Plantation Coffee are listed below:

  • Kohinoor
  • Kimaya
  • Maya
  • Arabica Peaberry