Amalgam Enterprises

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Amalgam Enterprises mainly focuses on various seafood and spices. It is located in Cochin in India. The turnover of the company is USD 50 million and it aims to reach USD 125 million within few years. Frozen food, Freeze dried products and aquaculture applications are the primary products of Amalgam Enterprises.

An Overview of Amalgam Enterprises-

Amalgam Enterprises is located in Cochin. It constitutes around five companies and fourteen factories in the parts of Indian coastline, from Veraval to Cochin on the West Coast along the Arabian Sea and from Mandapam to Pamarru on the East Coast along the Bay of Bengal. It mainly deals with various seafood and spices.

The company has manpower of around 4,000 people and accounts for a turn over of USD 50 million. Amalgam Enterprises aims to attain a turn over of USD 125 million in few years time. Each of the units of Amalgam Enterprises has put in the best of efforts to build a team of diligent workforce, to ensure superior quality products, and to develop an efficient and committed management team. Amalgam Enterprises has achieved a global recognition as being a seafood power station by ensuring globally recognized processing facilities and impressive global collaborations. A number of well-recognized global corporations which have contributed to Amalgam Enterprises are Itochu Corporation, Nissin Foods, Higashimaru Foods Inc., of Japan, Mitsubishi Corporation, Ristic GmbH of Germany and Sea Products SRL of Italy.

Product Details of Amalgam Enterprises-

Product- Frozen Food
Amalgam Enterprises- International Creative Foods Ltd.
Amalgam Foods Ltd.
Innovative Marine Foods Ltd.

Product- Freeze Dried Products.

Amalgam Enterprises- Accelerated Freeze Drying Company Ltd.

Product- Aquaculture Applications.

Amalgam Enterprises- Higashimaru Feeds Ltd.
Amalgam Aquaculture Applications
Amalgam Marine Harvest Ltd.

Highlights of Amalgam Enterprises-

  • Seafood Extracts
  • Freeze Drying
  • All products are Aseptically vacuum packed
  • Chitin / Chitosan
  • Refrigerated trucks are used for all critical transportation
  • Continuous Clam boiling and shucking
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Pasteurised Crab Meat Processing
  • Fully automated Shrimp Feed plant for intensive, semi-intensive and extensive systems of shrimp farming
  • Individual Quick Freezing (IQF)

Contact Details of Amalgam Enterprises-

COCHIN - 682 003

Tel :- +91 - 484 - 668680
Fax :-
+91 - 484 - 668130, 668133

E-mail id:- [email protected]