Goodricke Group Limited

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About Goodricke

Goodricke Group Limited started their business operations in West Bengal, one of the states located in the eastern part of India on 14th June of the year 1977. This public limited company of India is a famous brand name in the field of tea plantation and processing industry. Apart from that, this company in India aims at growing, cultivating, manufacturing, blending, buying as well as selling tea in varied forms. This Indian tea company even emphasizes on the development of global group of such a business. Presently, the company owns 17 tea gardens, the locations of which are given below:

  • Darrang District in Assam: 2 Tea estates
  • Darjeeling District in West Bengal: 3 Tea estates
  • Jalpaiguri District in West Bengal: 12 Tea estates
This Indian company is considered to be one of the top 3 tea producers in the country. They strive for the production of top quality tea. Their philosophy lies in the overall excellence in every operational sphere.

Clients and Investors of Goodricke Group Limited

Camellia Plc. of U. K. (United Kingdom), which enjoys around 74 % stake in this renowned tea group in the country, is the major investor of the Goodricke Group. Apart from that, the Duncan Lawrie Limited that is one of the leading private banks in U. K. as well as Camellia Plc.'s subsidiary is even involved in the financial dealings. Following are some of the associated companies of this tea company in India:
  • Amgoorie India Limited
  • Hope Tea Co. Limited
  • Koomber Tea Co. Private Limited
  • Stewart Holl (India) Limited
  • The Assam - Dooars Tea Co. Limited
  • The British Darjeeling Tea Co. Limited
  • The Chulsa Tea Co. Limited
  • The Danguajhar Tea Co. Limited
  • The Lebong Tea Co. Limited
  • The Leesh River Tea Co. Limited
  • The Meenglas Tea Co. Limited

Products and Services of Goodricke Group Limited

Known for producing good quality bulk tea as well as instant tea, which are the "ready to drink" teas available in both the forms of H. W. S. (Hot Water Soluble) and C. W. S. (Cold Water Soluble), this company has got a number of branded products. Names of some of them are mentioned below:

Branded Goodricke Products from Darjeeling

  • Goodricke Exclusive Darjeeling Tea (Badamtam Chestlet): Available in 100 gms and 250 gms
  • Goodricke Badamtam Sencha Green Tea Caddy: Available in 100 gms
  • Goodricke Castleton Single Estate (Caddy) : Marketed in 100 gms and 250 gms
  • Goodricke Castleton Premium (Single Estate): Marketed in 100 gms
  • Goodricke Castleton Premium (Tea Bag): Available in a box of 25 or 100 pouches
  • Margaret's Hope Caddy (Single Estate): Available in 250 gms
  • Goodricke Premium Darjeeling Tea (Carton): Marketed in 250 gms
  • Goodricke Darjeeling Roasted (Jar): Packed in 100 gms and 250 gms
  • Goodricke Seasons Three-in-one Pinewood Chestlet: Available in 150 gms (50 gms for each season)
  • Goodricke Three-in-One Metal Caddy (Includes Margaret's Hope, Castleton and Thurbo): Packed in 250 gms
  • Goodricke Thurbo Carton: Available in 100 gms as well as 250 gms
Multi Origin Blends of Goodricke
  • Goodricke Barnesbeg Organic Green Tea: Available in a packet of 100 gms
  • Goodricke Chai C. T. C. Dust: Available in 500 gms and 5000 gms
  • Goodricke Chai C. T. C. Leaf: Marketed in 250 gms, 500 gms, 1000 gms, 5000 gms
  • Goodricke Perfect: Available in cartons of 250 gms
  • Goodricke Premium C. T. C. Leaf: Available in packets of 100 gms and 250 gms
  • Goodricke Premium C. T. C. Tea Bag: Marketed in boxes of 25 and 100 packets
  • Goodricke Premium C. T. C. Leaf Carton: Packed in 25 gms
  • Zabardast C. T. C. Dust: Available in 250 gms and 1000 gms
  • Zabardast C. T. C. Leaf: Marketed in 250 gms and 1000 gms

Achievements of Goodricke Group Limited

Over the years, besides being listed in the 3 best tea producers in the nation, this tea manufacturing company is the sole tea company to feature in the Economic Times' list of the top 20 small companies of India that has got the highest pace of growth.

As per the financial quarter that ended on 30th September, 2011, the net profit of the company was INR. 4, 072 lakhs as compared to the net profit by the end of the same quarter of the year 2010, which was INR. 4, 311 lakhs.

Office Address and Website of Goodricke Group Limited

The head office of this tea processing company of India is located at the following address:

Goodricke Group Limited
'Camellia House',
14, Gurusaday Road,
Kolkata - 700 019,
West Bengal, India.
Telephone: + 91 – 033 – 22871816/ 3067
Official Website:

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