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Cygnet India has earned reputation in tasting, buying and mixing the best quality tea and exporting them to different countries. The tea produced by Cygnet India is a perfect blend of excellent taste and soothing fragrance which lasts till it is prepared. Vietnam, Indonesia, and China have the associate units of Cygnet India which also deals with the supply of products at viable rates.

A Brief Note on Cygnet India

Cygnet India is involved in tasting, purchasing and blending tea. Special attention is given to the quality of tea by Cygnet India.

The primary aim of Cygnet India is to provide their customers with the best quality of tea with a fresh fragrance. The aroma in the tea produced by Cygnet India is highly long-lasting as it stays till the time it is finally consumed by the user. Cygnet India is best-known for ensuring equal importance in all its products and delivery of the same. Cygnet India also exports all its tea products from North and South India to different countries in the form of packaged tea, bulk tea, wooden chestlets and metal caddies. The associate units of Cygnet India are located in Vietnam, Indonesia and China and these units also deal with the supply of products at competitive rates. Apart from tea and tea products, Cygnet India has also gained popularity in other goods and services such as rice, black pepper and coffee from the Asian countries.

Products of Cygnet India-

Royal & Regal Packaged Tea:
  • Finest Darjeeling Tea
  • Finest Assam Tea
  • Oriental Mystique
  • Exotic Darjeeling
  • Wild Country Assam
Cygnet's Packaged Tea:
  • Shazli
  • Adaab
  • Earl Grey Teabags
  • Shazli Tea
  • Nowroze Teabags
  • Nowroze
The Connoisseur's Tea (Gift Packs):
  • Irish Breakfast Tea
  • Pure Darjeeling Tea
  • Pure Assam Tea
  • 8 Assorted Tea

Contact Details of Cygnet India-

Cygnet India Pvt. Ltd.
8A, Wood Street, 3rd Floor, Calcutta - 700 016
E-Mail id: [email protected]