Baffin Engineering Projects Ltd

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Baffin Engineering Projects Limited is an Indian company engaged in civil construction and the manufacture of telecommunication products. The company has inherited the telecommunication business from Uniworld Telecom, a company that it bought in 2005.
Mr. Suresh Mutha is the present Managing Director of the company. Baffin Engineering is listed in the BSE stock exchange. It was incorporated in 1995.

Thirst for Telecom
Baffin Engineering has a 91.4% stake in Uniworld Telecom. Uniworld Telecom is a contract manufacturing company. Uniworld's area of specialization is telecommunication equipment. The acquisition is made with the view of tapping the booming Indian cellular phone market that amounts to more than INR 7,000 million. The company has entered into a vendor agreement with Siemens Communication for technical knowhow. The agreement was primarily for manufacturing wireless modules for the manufacture of GSM communicative equipment.

Baffin Engineering Projects Ltd. of India suffered monetary losses amounting to INR 1.09 million for the Financial Year ending March 2008.
The net income of the company was INR 28.03 million during the same financial period. The loss per share was INR 0.01 for the Financial Year 2007-08. Market capitalization was pegged at INR 4,21 million in the period up to April 2007. The networth of Baffin Engineering according to the Du Pont model is calculated to be INR 0.98 million. The Face Value of each Baffin share is Re. 1.

Baffin Engineering Limited
E-1/103, Kashi Vishveshwar Township,
Jetalpur Road,

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