Geodesic Information Systems

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Geodesic Information Systems was set up in 1999 and the company is known for its superb and authentic ideas, out-of-the-way thinking, and great achievements. Geodesic Information Systems with its focused innovative techniques of communications is famous for initiating the extraordinary global instant messaging system.

The products of the Geodesic Information Systems are successful in merging Google Talk, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Mundu, and ICQ in the sectors of the Internet and other wireless platforms and devices.

The company has based its business model in accordance with the recurring revenue stream. The quality of the products ensures the customer's revisit and all the products are made based on this model.

Though the products of the Geodesic Information Systems are created for specific purpose but they are all Geodesic products are acceptable to the other products. The products can be used independently and also in combination with other products.

The company has nearly 6 million users and the main power house is its superbly skilled work force. The powerful combination of technology and skilled personnel is the key factor for the growth of the Geodesic Information Systems.

Products offered by Geodesic Information Systems:
  • Mundu web content aggregator
  • Mundu universal Instant Messenger for the desktop
  • ADePT(Ad Design and Placement technology) self service Ad Management System
  • Mundu universal Instant Messenger for Palm devices
  • Mundu Internet Radio for the Palm
  • Mundu universal Instant Messenger for Symbian Pocket PC, Blackberry and Linux
  • Mundu IM referral
  • Mundu Speak – Palm and Symbian across GPRS and Wi-Fi, VoIP on Windows Mobile

Geodesic board of directors:
  • Mahesh Murthy, Director
  • Vinod Sethi, Director
  • Rahul Patwardhan, Director
  • Dr. Shashikant Kelkar, Director
  • Rakesh Mathur, Director
Management body of Geodesic Information Systems:
  • Atul Chitnis Senior, VP Product Technology and Stategy
  • Jiten Loyal, Head Product Engineering
  • Arvind Venkateswaran, VP & GM - ODM & OEM
  • Vivek K.S, Associate VP - Engineering
  • Puneet Agarwal, VP Product Mangement, Worldwide
The values of Geodesic Information Systems:
  • Focus on the customer
  • Total transparency and integrity of the company
  • Strive for excellent and consistent results
  • Constant innovation

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