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Graphite India Ltd. (GIL) was set up in the year 1963 in a joint venture with the Great Lakes Carbon Corporation of USA. The main focus of this company is manufacturing of graphite electrode in India.

It is a pioneer in this trade in India and the company's first manufacturing unit was opened in Durgapur. Presently Graphite India is not only the major producer of graphite based products in India but has also become the specialist pertaining to graphite technology.

The success strategies of the company:
  • The proportion of the value added ons should be increased
  • Lower cost of manufacturing
  • Product basket to be diverse
  • Expansion of lower cost units
  • Make presence in more international arena
  • Deliveries on time
  • International partnerships

Graphite India's Strategic Business Units and plants:
  • Graphite & Carbon
    • Durgapur, West Bengal
    • Bangalore, Karnataka
    • Nashik, Maharashtra
    • Barauni, Bihar
  • Power Generation
    • Chunchunkatte, Karnataka
    • Peehalli, Karnataka
    • Bangalore, Karnataka
    • Nashik, Maharashtra
  • GRP
    • Nashik, Maharashtra
Latest Financial Figures(Figures in Rs. Crores)
ET 500 Rank(2011)416
IndustryElectrodes - Graphite
Profit after Tax(PAT)189.11
MCAP (Market Capitalization)1439.89

Board of Directors of Graphite India:
  • Mr K K Bangur, Chairman
  • Mr B Mitter
  • Mr A V Lodha
  • Mr S Goenka
  • Mr D J Balaji Rao
  • Mr P K Khaitan
  • Dr R Srinivasan
  • Mr N S Damani
  • Mr N Venkataramani, Executive Director
  • Mr. B. B. Das, LIC nominee
Key personnel of Graphite India:
  • Mr K K Bangur, Chairman
  • Mr N Venkataramani, Executive Director
  • Mr.K.C. Parakh, Sr. Vice President (Finance)
  • Mr.V.P.Benjamin,Sr. Vice President (Marketing)
  • Mr. S. Chaudhury, Sr. Vice President (Corporate)
  • Mr. M. B. Gadgil, Sr. Vice President (Operation)
  • Mr B Shiva, Sr. Vice President (Secretarial Legal)
Products manufactured by Graphite India:
  • Graphite Electrodes
  • Calcined Petroleum Coke and its uses
    • Aluminium Industry
    • Ferro Alloys Industry
    • Ferrous metallurgy
    • Carbon Paste
  • Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic Pipe & Tanks
  • Impervious Graphite Equipment (IGE) and its uses
    • Sulphuric Acid Dilution Cooling Unit
    • Chemical Equipment Graphite Heat Exchangers
    • Pipe Valves & Fittings
    • Centrifugal Pumps
    • Thermometer Pocket
    • Bursting Disc
    • Ejector System
    • Dry HCl Gas Generation Unit
    • HCl Synthesis unit & HCl Absorption System
  • Specialty Products
    • Mold stock Graphite Rod & Block
    • Mini rods
    • Graphite tubes
    • Graphite & carbon bricks
    • Iso-statically molded graphite
    • Graphite granules & powders
    • Machined graphite products
    • Flexible graphite sheets
  • Other Graphite Products

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